Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Clarinet Concerto in A major, K.622

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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Clarinet Concerto in A major, K.622 4.5

Iceland Symphony Orchestra
Cornelius Meister, conductor
Arngunnur Árnadóttir, clarinet

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Clarinet Concerto in A major, K.622 0:00
- Allegro 0:27
- Adagio 12:58
- Rondo (Allegro) 20:07

From Iceland Symphony's concert, Harpa, Reykjavík, September 10th 2015.

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Who is listening to Mozart during the COVID lockdown?

Author — Mark Johnson


I am very elderly and have always loved Mozart. This lass with her clarinet is just heaven. During lock down I have been endeavouring to renew my acquaintance with the piano although it is sixty years since I last did so. Although I make many mistakes the piano has been my saviour.

Author — Margaret Taylor


I am a 13 years, and I play the clarinet. I hope I someday can play this piece, and maybe half as good as she did. She’s so talented, and she makes it seem easy.

Author — Caroline


This is the very concerto, that was played at my brother`s funeral. It brought me back to the days, that he and I played together more than six decades ago. We both loved the same music, which my parents and other siblings also liked. Now they are all dead and I am left with so many beautiful memories. This piece will always remind me of my childhood.

Author — Albert Willems


I am by no means a classical music expert and watching a creation such as this I am not only amazed at the genius which created it but the evolution of everything that made it possible from the moment someone figured out how to create those instruments from wood, metal, valves, and strings to create such sounds. Then the people who dedicated their lives to master these instruments and bring them all together to create the beautiful sound we hear is nothing short of genius and miraculous.

Author — Raymond Anthony


I am a wdow, of a few yrs, I miss my husband so much, the lonliness is unbarable, when I play this music, I seem to gain strengh, to carry on. so talented. Thank you so much Gwyneth from Wales

Author — Gwyneth Wynne


Eu achei maravilhoso. Digno de Mozart.

Author — Nivaldo Castro


OH, ein wunderbarer Ohrenschmaus! Oh bist und bleibst der Groesste, so einzigartig!!!

Author — Petra Schmieder


12:58 toca no fundo de qualquer coração

Author — Guilherme Conceição dos Santos


Dear Miss Aradottir- clarinet is Best vox (my opin)of all instruments, however your talent has taken that to New grandeur! Bolshoi thanks! ALL best wishes going forward, marvelous perfor mance! Thank you, SO much!

Author — Jake Farra


Who are the 3.7k heathens who DISLIKED this?!?!? 🤯🤯

Author — John Muller


My late father was a Professor of Music and a clarinetist. I grew up hearing him practice this Concerto. So much so that I remember nearly every note of the first and second movements, and much of the third. This brings back many memories. (He studied it with Robert Marcellus, BTW. He would come home from lessons inspired beyond speech.) Ms. Árnadóttir plays it somewhat differently than Dad did - smoother than he - but her rendition is beautiful.

Author — Roy Tee


When my father was in the hospital being treated for terminal cancer, I took a selection of classical music for him to listen to. This concerto was his favorite. I always think of him when I hear it.

Author — zephyr2141


Emocionante y conmovedor, el acompañamiento perfecto para las travesuras de mi hija de 1 año.

Author — Darwin Palomino Gamero


I was a very talented clarinet player when I was young (14 years old), I earned 1st chair in the state. Since then I lost the motivation to practice and by the time I was in college band I was mediocre at best. I haven’t played since but this brings me back to how fulfilling it was to create such a beautiful sound. I miss being a musician so much.

Author — Sara Morris


The whole concept of total peace, and I don't mean 'The machines of war for peace', may give some credence to these amazing activities that may ultimately redeem humanity.

Author — Cameron Duffy


I lost my husband of 63 years of marriage, Sept 2019 and this piece of music has always been my favorite and comforts me. Also my daughter played it when she was in high school. This was beautiful.

Author — Pat Clark


Dear Arngunnur Arnadottir, there are so many compliments and comments made for you by the time I write this one of mine that I failed to read them all. But I must do before I cannot. I am a 75 y. o. Khmer (Cambodian) man who has been listening to your lovely performance I can't remember when and always has enjoyed it every times. I am no musician, but I am a music lover.
Thank you so much for sharing this life beauty with me. I have owed you so much, thank again.

Author — Mongkol Um


What an amazing talent! This is one of my favourite Mozart Concertos..know it by heart..her rendering of it is amazing. As with all really talented artits she makes it look and sound so "effortless"... love it!

Author — Morag Mcgill


This concerto was used in one of the most poignant scenes in the movie "Out of Africa, " Meryl Streep, arriving from an inspection of her coffee farm, finds Robert Redford seated on the porch having fallen asleep while listening to this piece. Rather than wake him up, she quietly sits beside him and lovingly looks at him. Needless to say the music from this Mozart masterpiece has something very much to do with the beauty of the scene. No man, indeed, made music like Mozart.

Author — Rezile Arevir