Braves vs. Dodgers NLCS Game 5 Highlights (10/21/21) | MLB Highlights

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Braves vs. Dodgers NLCS Gm5 full game highlights from 10/21/21, presented by Michelob ULTRA Organic Seltzer.

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Chris Taylor shining on the big stage.
AJ coming through in the clutch.
The bullpen holding the Braves in check. If Scherzer and Buehler pitch like they're capable of and the offense doesn't disappear, we got a fighting chance. Go Dodgers!

Author — Poker Face


Seeing this whole team step up not to mention Pujols rising to the occasion of grizzled veteran to motive his team to make some crazy plays!

Author — Bert439


Dodger hitters that needed to break out did break out. Pollock has hit well the last 3 games and is definitely feeling confident after today. And Trea Turner had a couple of solid at bats including a hard hit rbi on a breaking ball which he had been whiffing at all postseason.
Let’s give mad max some good run support on Saturday

Author — Bryce Greenstein


Hey is nobody gonna mention the bullpens job today, 8 scoreless innings 2 runs, and about 10 strikeouts, wow what a job from the pen and what a night.

Author — Jesse Fierro


I don’t underestimate the Braves. They’re a tough team. I hope Scherzer and some solid hitting gets us to a game 7.

Author — pibbles2009


All of a sudden the pressure is on The Atlanta Braves not to choke again this year. GO DODGERS!

Author — Esther Delgado


I totally felt the vibe of the team change when Phillips went up lights out. What a great night. Bullpen and bats 🔥 I hope it was just a sampling of what’s to come. They have not looked like themselves the last handful of games, even in their wins.

Author — The Pixie Picker


Man, after that first inning and with Kelly coming out I was sad already watching these highlights. What a turn of events! Let's see if they take it to 7!

Author — chicoktc


I'll never forget this year as a Chris Taylor fan

Author — Kenny K.


I like how Pujols hugs everyone in celebration! He's a cool dude

Author — xltoday


Wow! What a game! A good way to start my day here in Germany.

Author — RackwitzG


Chris Paul: People call me CP3.
Chris Taylor: People call me CT3. The 3 stands for 3 homeruns in one NLCS game.

Author — Alan Chavez


The bats get hot out of nowhere. It's insane

Author — Christopher Orrante


That Atlanta Braves flight home was pretty quiet I bet.

Author — Roxanne Chan


Chris Taylor was the star of the show!

Don't let the Braves win!

Author — Joe Shelton


Chris Taylor came through and keep the Dodgers alive with 3 Home Runs. Game 6 this Saturday 5:08pm on TBS

Author — Shakiem Jean Joseph


Chris Taylor is outside of his whole goddamn mind. What a player.

Author — jibberjabberstepback


Albert Pujols: CT3 I can't run the bases good.
CT3: Don't worry future Hall Of Famer, I got your back.

Author — Lou Redman


I was there I had so much fun my first postseason game!

Author — Kersh filmz


I been waiting for them to do this. It's so frustrating because they can hit when they decide too

Author — joshua bolton