Wachsman & Waggoner (USA) - 1988 Calgary, Figure Skating, Pairs' Long Program (US ABC)

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Calgary, Alberta, CANADA - 1988 Winter Games, Pairs' Long Program - Gillian Wachsman and Todd Waggoner of the United States dropped from 4th to 5th Place overall.

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one of the most original and beautifully choreographed programs that I've ever seen in skating.

Author — excalibur1812


I loved this team so much growing up. They were just such likable underdogs that improved so so much during this Olympic season. This program (a massive step up choreographically for them from seasons prior) was a complete train wreck a few months prior at nhk trophy, but just kept getting better with mileage. They skated clean a month later at Worlds in Budapest. I think they would've gotten an improbable upset bronze here had the 2nd half of this free been as clean as the first. Watson oppegard (3rd) and selezneva makarov (4th) both had falls and other minor issues. Such a pity the 2nd half unraveled here. My fave program from this pair is 87 olympic festival "free program" in greensboro. Gorgeous skating.

Author — Wile e coyote


После гордеевой и Гриньков ни на кого не хочется смотреть. Скорости никакой. Вот-вот упадут. Совсем не интересно. Музыка ужасная. Один грохот

Author — Елена Фролова


Gorgeous skaters…despite all the mistakes.

Author — Person 1212


Wow, these programs bring back such memories. The programs were so innovative. This pair, however, is so special. From Gillian's extension in the lifts, and the way she hold her head, so confidently, as she moves from one move to the next, and the choreography ... just beautiful. So they made a few mistakes.... okay ... I feel bad for them ... but that doesn't take away from the magic of this program. There's a lot here to be savored.

Author — Dwayne Parker


Wonderful team (in spite of the mistakes).

Author — Elaine Pl


It sure got awkward real quick. Interviewing skaters as they are receiving their marks, good or bad, was a dumb idea.

Author — Tony Wheeler


Such an AWFUL interview by David Santee!

Author — Nick Mann