Fredric Effects Harmonic Percolator

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Demo of the Fredric Effects Harmonic Percolator.

This is an improved clone of the Interfax Harmonic Percolator, an oddball overdrive/distortion pedal from the 1970s popularised by Steve Albini of Shellac. A switch to alter the clipping diodes, for a more open overdriven sound, adds to the versatility of the effect.

Powered by battery or standard center-neg DC jack, clear red LED. Small, MXR-sized enclosure. Pedals are hand-made and individually tested.

💬 Comments

thats the nicest distortion i've heard in a while

Author — Marcus Whitfield


I used one of these in Assault & Battery's Battery 2 studio, and it was my favourite dirt pedal I used. It's pretty apt that the diode sign looks just like our logo - it reinforces the fact that I need one!

Author — You The Living


From this demo alone, this one sounds closer than the Karma Suture.. But god damn if I don't want the interfax one.

Author — Diax1324


Not once did you touch that toggle switch though.

Author — Packard Black Productions