Iran plane crash: who were the victims?

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Iran plane crash: who were the victims? 4.5

**EDITOR’S NOTE: On Jan. 10, the Canadian government updated the number of Canadians killed in the Jan. 8 Ukraine International Airlines crash in Iran from 63 to 57.**

Among the 176 people who died in the Ukraine International Airlines disaster in Iran, 63 were Canadians. From entire families to newlyweds, Mike Drolet has more on how some of the victims are being remembered.

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It breaks my heart to look at their pictures, We never know when our last day on earth is. We're not promised tomorrow.

Author — ashley95126


Innocent lives are innocent lives, _wherever_ they're from. May they rest in peace...

Author — WhutsWhat


Forest fires, political tensions, plane crashes, 2020 isn’t looking so great.

Author — Dark Angel


to any of those who lost loved ones; my heart goes out to you. no one deserves this. the first clip of the man who's sister had died was absolutely heart wrenching, and I hope that he heals well, and lives on with his sister's memory.

Author — Maggie OwO


Global why are you interviewing the grieving brother of one of the victims immediately after the tragedy this is a tragic time for family members and you should be respectful and refrain from such familiarity in this instance.



I’m so sorry for everyone’s loss this is truly heartbreaking news

Author — Stefanie Michelsen


this year has been sending us waves of terrible news, I hope they all Rest In Peace.

Author — Giovanni


It's too painful to see people dying for no reason. Wish someone could stop these maniacs from war. It is too painful to see all this happening to innocent people. Can't stop crying 😢

Author — Naz gul


There is no way that was an accident. Not. A Chance.

Author — MR Lewis


To my deepest condolences for all the family😭

Author — Raisa Batingolo


30 Edmontonians wow... that could’ve been anyone of us it’s crazy to think how close to home this one hits

Author — Morgan Woodman


One of my mom’s friends and her two daughters were on this plane (at 1:35). I had never met them as they’d become friends quite recently, but the amount of hurt I feel for a tragedy like this is unprecedented. My heart truly goes out to those who lost their loved ones to this terrible, tErRibLe incident

Author — Armita H


A boy Arsam died among with his younger 8 year old sister and his mom. I feel sad because Arsam goes to my school well not anymore because he died. And so many people from his class and others CRIED A LOT ;C r.i.p. Arsam and Arsams little sister and mom

Author — Jane Plays


My heart felt condolences to family of crash victims, Om Shanti, RIP

Author — Vimal Patel


I almost never cry. But I just did. This is horrible. Im almost sure Iran messed up and shot it down.

Author — Edison


Rest in peace Maxie and others in that plane. Awesome SFM creator.

Author — Mark King


Why why why😢 I'm Hong Konger, so sad when saw this news, god bless for all victims🙏

Author — Sunny


UGH!!!! my god this makes me so sad :( god bless and godspeed

Author — James Rodolfo


Oh nooo the young married couple. Really heartbreaking.

Author — A J


This is beyond sad. Rip all those who perished

Author — Chick Fight