MTP Compressed: Trump’s Trade War Escalates; GOP, Dem Candidates Navigate Running Against Trump

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MTP Compressed: Trump’s Trade War Escalates; GOP, Dem Candidates Navigate Running Against Trump 3.5

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MTP Compressed: Trump’s Trade War Escalates; GOP, Dem Candidates Navigate Running Against Trump

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Another blasting overloud outro from Chuck Todd's interns. Thanks a lot for waking up everybody in the house!
Why are ALL of Chuck's outros at such a different volume level from the main clip?

Author — TinselKoala


If the U.S want's a trade deal with China they need to identify some logical steps to enable meaningful negotiations to take place!

1: Send the self appointed kingDon of Israel, over to Israel where he belongs!

2: Send all of KingDon's GOP enablers to Israel with him, so that they can continue their employment as kingDon's Court Jesters

3: Grant kingDon's Hair Piece the freedom to continue with it's roll as covering up all of tRumps failings!

4: Put kingDon's Hair Piece in charge of all tRumps rolls in the US Including his roll as President of the U.S

After all kingDon's Hair Piece has more active brain cells than KingDon himself and all of his party of Corrupt psychopaths that call themselves Republicans COMBINED!

Author — Colin Mahoney


Who would subscribe to a corporate media fake news channel? YouTube is pushing all the independents off the platform.

Author — Thinkfor Yourself


Seen Mayor Pete accomplish removing 1000 abandoned homes in in 100 days and working with the local university to come up with smart sewers that save the city millions and reduce pollution. I want to live in Buttigieg's America.

Author — Andrew B


I'm definitely not a MAGA cap wearing Trump fan. But in this one regard he's actually managed to blunder into doing the right thing in instigating a trade war with China. China has since WWII innovated very little. They instead steal. And they steal a prolific amount at an astonishing rate.

They have zero respect for copyright and intellectual property rights. They routinely flood international markets with junk goods. The government of China is one of the *largest* counterfeiters of US currency in the world. There are hundreds of "Apple Stores" in China selling "Iphones" that have absolutely nothing to do with the American Apple Corporation. In terms of trade, they have *always* been a nation of bandits, liars and thieves. And they need to be brought to heel by the G7 countries and the rest of the world.

So here's a novel and honest idea. Instead of news media trying to incite panic in the American people over a righteous trade war long overdue for no other reason than they're vehemently opposed to the guy sitting in the Oval Office, how about encouraging Americans to band together as a nation of people and get behind this war. Because it is a war. It simply lacks guns.

The Chinese government has put millions of Americans out of work over the decades. Factories have shut down and entire American cities and states driven into poverty. Now they construct artificial islands in the South China Sea while declaring 1, 400, 000 square miles of open ocean to be their exclusive domain as a way to control and choke off major international shipping lanes. Steal, steal, steal.

Pull your partisan butts out of your collective heads, American news media, and stop behaving as traitorous partisan hacks. *Support you nation at war* or considering applying for work at Russia Today. They're always looking for fellow travelers.

Author — The Last Sane American


at this point, anyone can be a better president - we desperately need someone who will save this country from this narcissistic lunatic using Americans as a bargaining chip!

Author — Louie R.


sad day for Democrats, a deal has been made, another win for Trump.  This president works for everyone who is an American