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So, is makeup school a must to be a makeup artist...

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So well said Wayne!!  As a trained makeup artist I can honestly say that I did not learn much that I already did not know when I attended school over 30 years ago.  Let's face it, if you choose to become a makeup artist it is because you are passionate about makeup artistry to begin with, I learned more at the time from books and magazines and I am still learning today.  Thank you for this video.  Hugs from Canada, Nathalie xoxo

Author — Nathalie TheBeautyDiva


I think results speak for themselves. I would only trust an artist who produces incredible results, not any amount of qualifications or framed certifications would mean crap if the mua doesn't prove their talent.

Author — keepinitreal


What this video doesn't address is that physically applying makeup on another person is only one part of the job. You have to have good interpersonal skills, good ethics, you have to know how to be a professional on set and that your job is to execute the art direction. Not Just do whatever you're best at or comfortable doing. And you have to be fast and you have to tow the line between making your talent happy but make sure you're adhering to the vision of the art director. Lots of things that REAL makeup artist do every day. Youtubers and IG'ers don't know anything about that if they aren't a working artist.

Author — Aina Lee


Wayne, could you possibly do a video on proper hygiene and insurance that makeup artists should have?

Author — vcorwin123


I would pay for a Wayne Goss Academy!!!

Author — JJ


True 👍🏽
I woke up one day and said "I'm gonna be a makeup artist". Went on 4wk course. I learned a lot - didn't know a brush from my elbow (??). I made the students look like clowns, glued their eyes shut when applying false lashes and couldn't get my head around the concept of under eye concealer and highlighter?!
I also assisted a pro mua on a shoot - NEVER again as I was running around like a "blue arsed fly". I practiced on myself (horrors!) and watched tons of YouTube vids - well known artists, you (of course), Lisa, Bobbi, Charlotte, Mary Grenwell and others. I learn by watching their techniques. I've never "paid my dues" - I find my clients through advertising (I also practiced on paying clients).
So what u are saying Wayne is very true (UK). 3 years on I am a working freelance mobile mua. I learn most of my techniques from YouTube. I'd never advise someone now to do more than a 3-day course to get the basics - the rest they can find on YouTube.

Author — Brit Chić


YOU, my dear, are an utter inspiration! Thank you for this honest and really helpful video! A make-up artist, like any other artist, requires talent and practice more than school or validation. Of course school helps, but most famous artists didn't go to school and were mostly self-taught.

Author — roraio


Wayne, I've been a faithful follower of yours on YouTube since 2010, when I first ventured into the world of makeup. Your expertise, talent, skills and diversity on the topic of makeup has played a major role in my admiration for the industry and your channel as well. I've always thought to myself that if you ever offered makeup courses I would be one to try to invest. I am in the USA. It's 2017 and I have been wanting to finally become a makeup artist. I will continue to watch your videos and even old ones if necessary, versus spending all of that money into school at the time I do not have. I have another child on the way and I have to think about my priorities for motherhood, obviously. I realize the issue with me for procrastinating in this business is the lack of confidence. With hope, faith, prayer and practice, that all shall change. Thank you WayneGoss for the lovely knowledge that you have so willingly shared with us over the years.

Author — Be Free.


I'm not a makeup artist I'm just passionate about it and lots of things I've learned are from you. Love you Wayne 💜

Author — Annahí Martínez


The Basics of Beauty should begin at applying Gentleness, Kindness, Humility, and Inner Tranquility.
(1 Peter 3:3-4). A Beautiful Heart can do what make up cannot. Thanks for your words <3

Author — aburningpromise


Love the "I don't give a shit if your not kind to me, just be kind to each other" shows how loving and caring you are to everyone/fans.
Best quote lol

Author — Frances lopez


Can you do a video on hygiene on makeup! Ive been waiting for someone to talk about this!! Please please do a video on it

Author — Jazmin K


Wayne you are just so adorable. You are so kind from what you project on you channel. I love all your videos, and people that show hate in their comments are just miserable souls....I was taught if you can't say something nice, just don't say anything....thanks for all that you have taught your true subscribers. Much love and blessings, xoxo

Author — Susan Moore


You are absolutely right. Im a makeup lover, I have done a couple of photoshoots because my sister is a fashion designer and her boyfriend a professional photographer. Im also a nurse and have been working on healthcare since I graduated 6 years ago. I guess that's why im extremely careful about cleaning my makeup and tools, for me and for anyone else.

Author — Catalina G.


Hi Wayne, I found you because one day I searched for how to keep my makeup clean and hygienic. Like my eyeshadows basically pan makeup. Would you be able to do an updated version on hygiene for makeup stations, the actual makeup products and tools? Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us!!!

Author — Andrea L. Lugo


Wayne, I literally cracked right up when you talked about the basket of kittens, lolol! You're hilarious and the people who were " outraged " are most likely very unhappy people who jump at the first opportunity to start something! Love your videos and you.!!

Author — Kelly Rose CBM


Absolutely love how honest and genuine you are, what you are saying here couldn't be more true! Love how you always keep it real! :) Stay strong and keep smiling, there will always be haters. :)

Author — Aisha Chehab


In the US it's a sort of similar situation with art school. While all the good ones are accredited, art school is crazy expensive, and if you're already selling your work, art school probably isn't going to help much and you might not learn anything new that you couldn't look up yourself.

However, because it is a structured school environment, you do learn faster. Additionally, your teachers will start from ground zero and build up your skills from the basics, and as a result your art and your art making process will look so much better

Author — argella1300


Thank you so much for this video I’m already a trained special effects make up artist and I felt I lacked confidence and was going to pay for another course after just spending £4000! And I thought u know what I need to practice and use you tube! Thank you for this xx

Author — Mary-Antonia Taylor


Thanks for your encouragement with this video. For last few months I've been thinking a going to beauty school. It is nice to know your thoughts as a makeup artist.
I appreciate your kindness, honesty, and your big heart.
It is amazing that you share things from your personal experiences and your knowledge on application and techniques. I always look forward to seeing your videos.

Author — Maple D