This Kinda SUCKS! - Cyberpunk 2077 Next Gen Update is HERE (PS5/Xbox)

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If you were waiting to play CD Projekt Red's latest RPG, 2020's Cyberpunk 2077, on new-gen consoles, now is your time because Patch 1.5 is the game's new-gen update, and it's out now on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

As expected, this patch brings a wealth of changes to the game's systems and gameplay, including AI overhauls, big changes to driving, new apartments to rent, changes to the open-world map, and of course, different modes to experience Cyberpunk 2077. In terms of modes, you can expect a Performance mode on PS5 and Xbox Series X that runs the game at 60FPS with a 4K resolution that features dynamic framerate-dependent scaling. CD Projekt Red says in Performance mode, players may experience small and rare framerate drops. The screen-space reflections (SSR) quality in this mode is "Medium/Half Resolution," and there will be no ray-tracing. On the changes, fixes, improvements, and bug squashing side of things, there are hundreds of improvements in Patch 1.5. For a full breakdown, you can read CD Projekt's Red full patch notes list, but here's the gist in video form. New perks, new AI, better driving, and you can finally change your character looks. In this video DreamcatGuy looks at the new gameplay in 4k on the Xbox series X and Ps5.

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That 4k gameplay update looks good but I wanted NEW STUFF TO DO! Thanks for watching and LIKING the video <3

Author — DreamcastGuy


DLC should be the last priority. Getting the game to play optimally on the new systems is the correct allocation of resources

Author — xman777b


Dreamcastguy gave this game a 9/10 before it was even released. Now that's a brutally honest review!

Author — Suiko Freak


It's not about adding new content, it's about rebuilding and fixing the foundation my man

Author — dex213


This must be the hardest time for devs, the way YouTubers scrutinize.Played the trial the game reeled me in its pretty cool .

Author — Qobo 5 Socikwa 6


A very negative take on an excellent update. Yes, we would like big expansions but this is an excellent next gen update with good QOL improvements with some FREE stuff thrown in. I could see an issue if they were charging for this update like Sony does but they're not. The expansions will come but they had to polish the base game first on consoles and I'm loving my current second play through.



Sir, with all the respect. This game was insanely full of bug and immersion breaking problems, we dont need new content, we need the base game as it should be on day one. And this patches are GOLD.

Author — Nicola Alberti


Before large story expansion the foundation must be fixed and study, worthwhile to build upon. This feels like a great start at that.

Author — ECP


You have fair points but I think the main objective of this update was to make the game more playable, since the core issues are fixed with this update, I believe we’ll see more mission/gameplay-based expansions in the future.

Author — Sharon-🔞𝔽**СК МЕ - СНЕℂ𝕂 𝕄𝕐 Рℝ𝟘𝔽𝕀𝕃Е💛


Honestly this game is amazing to me.. I waited for the next gen update to play this game and so far I'm impressed with the story and how immersive it is

Author — Justin Edwards


Thanks for the info, excited to have it on current gen, I feel it’s being a lil over critical regarding the “dlc” if the core games a joke added content won’t Help things.will be booting up, can’t wait to see the visual and stability improvements.if cd fixes the core game then ppl will return for the dlc, well played CDPR appreciate the hard work

Author — Chas Beaney


I completely disagree. They needed to fix the bugs and make it a good game before rolling out dlc. This was an update not dlc. I believe it addresses most issues with the game so they can now move to actual dlc.

Author — Quitt_itt


Tons of new additions. Should have launched this way and they should have been given the time they needed!
Glad its finally here and more is to come!

The focus should be bugs and playability first.
You'll get the DLC when its ready!

Author — Xavier Williams


this upgrade did make a good first impression, graphic looks stunning and with a lot of issues fixed the game is actually playable but I was really hoping to get more stuff like police chasing you on cars and stuff like that. I did still encounter more bugs which I hope gets fixed. I feel like this upgrade is kinda on a right track but still there's a long way to go but I guess its kinda worth checking out in my opinion

Author — Zibran Shamim


As a kid of the 80s when video games were much younger, my interest was generally just to have new experiences through digital worlds.
I was never too critical about flaws and lack of story.

I’m similar when it comes to movies as well, granted that doesn’t mean I don’t have a deep appreciation for the greats. But I’ve always been on a quest to have a visual experience which makes me less jaded when it comes to nuances of story and gameplay flaws, unless were talking about competitive FPS’s like a Battlefield or call of duty which I can be very opinionated about.

But something like cyber punk is just another piece of visual artwork to fulfill that gap of always wanting to experience the world of blade runner and others.

So looking at everything through that lens I absolutely loved cyberpunk.

Author — Bordan Jempsey


This is why I’ve held off playing the game since it’s broken launch, and looking at your footage I can finally go into night city. I understand everyone’s gripe with no new content, but you have to focus on making the game work first

Author — Nova_Vi


I understand wanting more things to do via DLC, but I think CDPR made the right move to fix a lot of the issues that the game had. I think your expectations are a little unreasonable. DLC shouldn't be a first priority. Fixing bugs, glitches and making overall improvements is more important. Eventually, they will release DLC.

Author — Austin Gubala


I think it would help to know the difference between DLC and Expansions. CDPR have clearly stated the game will have 2 legitimate and large scale expansions (the first of which is due before the end of March).

Author — Jason Drawmer


I’m excited to play the game for the first time and play on my ps5. I avoided it as it seemed so broken until now so I think it was worth the wait and I will get to play what was originally promised

Author — Vaughn Lear-Walker


This update overall actually makes the game feel new on a fresh play through. Getting new apartments and working for them by doing quests sounds fun. Story was already good and the new perk trees and AI overhaul make the gameplay better . More romance options, can even hangout and sleepover at your significant others place . You guys are asking for too much.

Author — ChrisMayhem