Nepal Knife Shop: $300 Kukri 🇳🇵

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Nepal Knife Shop: $300 Kukri 🇳🇵 5

■ NEPAL, KATHMANDU: I spent today wandering around Kathmandu's many markets looking for unique shops to buy Nepalese souvenirs from. To be honest I didn't find many stores that piqued my interest. But one stood out, the Ghurka knife shop selling Kukris in the centre of Kathmandu.

Kukris come in many shapes and sizes. Some are ceremonial. Others are used for hunting and in combat. This shop had it all so I felt compelled to investigate and make a purchase.

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If a man says he is not afraid of death, either he is lying or he is a gorkha.

Author — Kashif Khan


We ❤ the gurkas here in england, they are one of the most bad ass regiments in the british army! Big respect!!

Author — That Type1


you left your jacket in the shop, dude

Author — Kamal Thapa


I am going to order one of these wonderfull knives from this guy he really seems honest.100 thumbs up new sub.

Author — Mike Benjamin


The yellow hoodie guy didnt move the whole time😂

Author — Dawa Smeets


Is there any nepali..
If yes hit like❤

Author — Subas Gurung


We love the Gurkhas, thank you from Britain!

Author — John Stevens


You said you would put his business details in the description, but I don't see it?

Author — Aussie Shooter


I think he left his jacket in the shop.

Author — RAJU KOJU


I love how the shop owner explained that different parts of the knife have different uses (top for skinning, next part for chopping wood, then for slicing things). Very, very cool.

Author — Mat2001uk


"The star of Lucifer"...Bruh...

Author — Big Cone


This man is honest
I am from Nepal and got ripped off buying one from patan.

Author — Kamal Rayamajhi


In every exotic shop or food store sits a quiet person who appears to not being involved into anything what happens there.

Author — GadgetInspektor


19:59 Harald's jacket is still there.He leaving it unconsciously.

Author — Ali Ahsan Robin


I always get inspire from Gurkha Regiment. 😍😍. love from 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

Author — Kapil Ahír


Wow!!!! These knives are amazing. Absolute Beauties.

Author — Scar_ Face913


Herald forgot his progressive jacket in the shop

Author — GoGo cool head


You know what’s the best part about this video: a Norwegian (Viking) holding a khukri. Good for you, Harald.

Author — Sam Anders


16:45 Why is his paperfolding so satisfying and relaxing?

Author — Dean JW


The Craftsmanship, History, People Of Nepal all packed in these blades!.

Author — Budz Pascual