First Comes Sex... I Single's Guide to Iceland 1/3

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First Comes Sex... I Single's Guide to Iceland 1/3 4.5

Iceland has been voted the most sexually liberated country. With a tiny population of 340,000 residents and a highly liberal mentality, so we decided to head to Iceland and check out how Icelanders perceive love, dating and sex. Mostly the sex.

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Jason Tojeiro (video/editing)

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Ah, Iceland.... where you don't lose your girl, you just lose your turn.

Author — akgeronimo501


I can imagine some Arabs watching this video, some will get heart attack:) and others will catch the next flight to Iceland 😄

Author — Simo Salem


It's so cold there, people are just trying to get warm anyway they can.

Author — nakedrunner7


My Grandpa use to say one thing:
Women who come easily, go easily.

Author — AK


Iceland's tourism is booming right after these videos.

Author — kun qian


The mighty warrior, Chlamydia, probably is what killed the Vikings off

Author — Tomi Adewole


"African elephant. It's always the Africans..."

You naughty you...

Author — EmbunWidia


$5 for hotdog, $10 for condoms. I'll bring a suitcase full of condoms.

Author — Dimas Adhira


Unfortunately, Hillary Clinton doesn't like hotdogs that's why Bill went with Monica.

Author — Ponatshego Bolaane


and everyone thinks Brazil is the hot spot or Thailand?

Iceland: Hold my beer.

Author — Augusto Roe


Iceland nightmare for a person wants true love

Author — Jenus


Ewwww she does mention high rates of sexually transmitted disease Chlamidya in Iceland.

Author — Inayah Daneen


Wait so Iceland is basically a Colossal Brothal👀

Author — Nick Nation


It was sounding interesting until she mentioned the chlamydia. 😂

Author — Doug G


I'm telling my girlfriend I'm going on a business trip to Iceland for a week 😛

Author — Misterman


0:28 I really liked her dance. Is it the moves, or is it her doing them?

Author — atiyar


Lots of guys are probably thinking "oh yeah" but they don't realize that you still have to be good looking though.

Author — rhythmandacoustics


1. stay away from icelandic women .. check

Author — Michael Sotomayor


I don’t find this hot at all. Like they are so practical it’s become as exciting as eating a hamburger.

Author — Wolf Chen


The last thing I want to woman to ask me before she even knows me well enough is I want to have sex they make me think that they're not interested in anything but with sleeping with as much guys as possible, I'm sensetive and catch feeling too fast so I try not to sleep with any women at all till I get married or in a relationship which is just as serious but really how could they not all have STDs or emotional destroyed?! 😂😂😢😢

Author — Ky kisaky