🌞 Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun + More Nursery Rhymes | Dave and Ava 🌞

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🌞 Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun + More Nursery Rhymes | Dave and Ava 🌞 3

Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun - tune in to dance and sing along with Dave and Ava!

Join Dave and Ava to play with Mr. Golden Sun, Bingo the Dog, Lola the Cow, our cute little mouse Philip and other cute folks from the farm! Bet you’ll be surprised how much fun Mr. Sun is bringing to our valley. Be aware, you might get to hum these nursery rhymes and songs for kids all day long.

Go to your favorite nursery rhyme by selecting a title below:

00:19 Mr. Golden Sun
02:50 Ice Cream Song
05:23 Looby Loo
08:57 Sleeping Bunnies
11:02 Down in the Jungle
13:11 This Little Piggy – Colors
15:36 Ring Around the Rosy
17:52 Farmer Brown`s Cow
20:49 The Muffin Man
23:15 Pin Pon
25:04 The Bear Went Over the Mountain

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It's mr. Sun yet the sun is characterized as a girl

Author — Austin Cortez


In muffin man mouse is taking a flower

Author — Shazad amjad


I'm 11 and I put this on for my my baby brother but I'm addicted now

Author — unicorny lol


Great video i love and dont call me Beluarusball My name is

Rachovsky Chayuski

Author — BeluarusBall


My Daughter Been Addicted Since Birth, 3 Years & She Reacts As If It Was New To Her lol

Author — Isis Bowles


Wow my baby sister is addicted to this, by the way thanks dave and ava!
Keep it up, my sister lives your vids so also me! We love you dave and ava 💖💖

Author — Gacha Cassie


I like it my baby sister love it soo much thanks dave and ava

Author — Roselle Bagabaldo


One of my favorite nursery rhymes 🥰🥰🥰 i really love the animation.

Author — Fun Time with Jared


Thank you Dave and Eva my niece is so addicted to this. I really love your videos. Keep it up🤗

Author — Flove R