How to brew a perfect cup of tea with teabags, by Tea Taster Dominic Marriott

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I’m going to show you how to brew the perfect cup of
tea using a teabag. When people are using teabags
they are often in a rush, and they don’t make the tea

The first thing you should do is take your teabag and
put it in your cup. Some people would actually also like
to warm the cup first so that it will help the tea brew.
Next, we need to take freshly boiled water. If the water
is already boiled, it would have lost a lot of oxygen and
that will mean the tea won’t brew properly and the resulting
infusion will be flat and dull. So, you must always
use freshly drawn water and allow the water to come
fully to the boil. It should reach 100° Celsius for the tea
to brew properly. So as the kettle is now coming to the
boil we just turn it off so again it doesn’t over boil and
lose all the oxygen. Then pour this straight onto the
teabag. So, we want the tea to brew as close to 100°
Celsius so it gets a really good infusion.

My Managing Director always tells me that you should
treat teabags as you treat a loose tea, so give it as
good a brew as possible. One of the things you can
do if you’ve got a saucer, is cover that over to help keep
the heat in. This is where people often go wrong with
a teabag. They will stand and dunk a teabag and as
soon as the colour looks about right they will think it’s
ready to drink. Teabag tea is the same as any tea, it
needs time for the full flavour to come out. For teabags,
we say you must give it a minimum of three minutes to
brew properly.

So we have now given the tea a good three minutes to
brew. Take the saucer off and we will just give the tea
a little bit of a dunk to help it mix even better. Now it’s
looking like it’s got a good strong colour, but the flavour
will also have come out. Take this teabag out. Also give
it a little bit of a squeeze to get all the flavour out.

And there is your perfect cup of tea. You can drink that
however you like: you can drink it black, or with a little
bit of milk, or lemon, or sugar - that’s up to you. You
have now given the tea a chance to develop the full
flavour which we intended.

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I could listen to this guy explain how to make tea everyday.

Author — Michael


1:10 I've heard this isn't always the case. Yes, of course you want hot water but if you're brewing green tea and the water is too hot it can bruise the leaves and make the tea bitter. Green tea whispers while black tea roars; In other words you should bring water for green tea to a high simmer (bubbles should begin to appear inside the water but not on the surface - a Chinese proverb compares these to fish eyes versus pearls) and water for black tea should be brought to a roaring boil.

Author — Toq The Wise


I tried the the plate on top thing and I'm so shook by how the difference in my tea was when I tasted it, it's now my favorite

Author — Wefiez


Thank you so much! I've never made tea in my life. Some people may think the most obvious things are ridiculous to make YouTube videos on, but not everyone comes from the same walk of life. Cheers.

Author — Bootsii


Thank you so much for this video! I recently became a tea addict after my sister made some and I made my own cup and instantly fell in love with the rich bitter taste of the beverage, I like the bitter taste as it puts me in a forest out in the middle of nowhere and it helps relieve stress. Unfortunately, I watched this video AFTER I brewed my tea because the thought of learning how to brew tea came once I tasted it and I thought "you know the flavor is not how I want it, I should probably watch a video on how to brew tea". Again thank you so much and I can't wait for another cup of tea.

Author — Ben Weber


This guy is English so I'm going to assume he knows what he's talking about.

Author — Justin


Very well done! In Eastern Europe (Ex -Yugoslavia) we always made tea like this . We never added milk instead we added honey and squeezed lemon . Camilla is not even consider a tea but rather like medication for stomach ache.

Author — mladen krmpotic


I followed his directions exactly this evening, and my goodness the tea was fantastic. I’ll be brewing like this from now forward.

Author — jason samson


You know, I never liked tea, but I got curious so I wanted to give tea another try. I love Iced Tea, but never liked hot tea. I don’t know if it’s the tea my mother has which is green tea, but I’m gonna see if she has other tea available and maybe even try some.

Author — Señor Pigeon


Very interesting. I was definitely losing a lot of oxygen from over boiling my water.

Author — Cromie


I steep my tea for five minutes. Sometimes four minutes depending on which brand. And sometimes four if it’s a stronger tisane like peppermint.
I have a set time for each brand that I have tried.

Author — Hannah Short


How many times do you brew (re)using the same tea bag?
A) 1 B) 2 C) 3
D) more than 3
E) none of the above

Author — tohopes


Oh my God, thank you for the video. I used to eat the tea and then wash it down with some hot water.

Author — Moozi


I’ve had tea once in the past 3 years because it never tasted of anything, the 3 minute brew explains a lot.

Author — LK MC


the world needs more videos like this.

Author — Razor Calahan


I thought i the only person squeezed the tea to get extra flavor, guess im wrong. But i never cover the top with the plate, it seems good to try.

Author — Akhmad Fauzi


i love you dominic you help me win an arguement with my girlfriend about tea !

Author — CeManancEuAzi


Just discovered this video but great explanation..thanks for the information

Author — C W


Awesome video :} thanks for the tea advice!

Author — Cardona


Coming from the Balkans I would only drink tea for medicinal purpose, as is the custom in those parts. Very few people there drink it as a daily 'beverage' - coffee wins that battle.
Recently I started drinking tea for health reasons, in the late evening, sometimes with or after smoking a joint (fully legal here in Canada).
I bought a better quality tea and let it steep. Quality tea is so much better - I had no idea how much better it was. I guess there's a reason for the price difference :)

Now I'm addicted to it! I love the aroma emanating from the unsealed bags and since weed makes everything enjoyable to a higher degree the whole experience has been quite pleasing so far! I typically use 1 bag of chamomile and 1 bag of ginger/turmeric blend. Add a little wildflower organic honey and I'm in heaven. It's also helping health-wise.

I will look for Ahmad brand. Someone at work brought a full box - I'll 'steal' couple of bags to try. Thanks for the video - it confirmed my method was correct :)

Author — FSMonster