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Geography Now! Canada 5
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Canada is friends with everyone.

The end

Author — Irsyad Adli


As a Canadian: *Die Inside*

Author — Meticulously Somebody.


Fun fact - Canada and the USA share the longest undefended border in the world. They're all really really really really proud of that. (Are you listening India and Pakistan??)

Author — SuperSix Delta


Paul: Ottowa
Canada: Eh ?
Paul: New Finland
Canada: EH ?!

Author — Esunisen


"Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads"


Author — SurgeOfLife


So America and Canada are dating but earlier you stated that America is in love with Australia. There something going on that Canada dosnt know about or does America just really want like a three way?
Idk if im comfortable with Koalas covered in maple syrup holding guns

Author — Nicholas


"New Finland."

Author — Koriand'r Of The Stars


We Americans may make fun of you a lot, Canada, but we're just secretly jealous of you

Author — TheFancifulFish


Canadians like me: dies

Author — The YYZ Flyer


there are french communities in every province of canada

Author — Michael Plamondon


“Together since day one” let’s assume day one came after the war of 1812

Author — Zaid


When you hear about Canada and how peaceful and unwarlike they are: -_-
When you realize Canada never lost a war before: 0_0

Author — The Martial Historian


My grandfather worked 10 years on Canada 🍁 and he came back to Greece 🇬🇷
Thank you Canada for the support! Love from Greece 🇬🇷

Author — Βασίλης Αρσένος


The real story:
Canada is the love child of England and France's one night stand.

England had Canada go and grow up next to their older sibling America who was the rebel of the family. And while Canada tried to be as cool as they thought America was, but they became the nicer of the two with free healthcare.

Canada also developed a major level of sass mostly aimed at America.

Author — Chromiako Cosmos


canadian = unarmed american with health insurance

Author — Achmad Syauqi


Born in Canada: learns English and to write/read to Gr.3

Gr.4: *Time to learn FRENCH*

Author — XxCretxXYT YT


As a Nigerian international student in canada, its so nice to be here, good to learn much about the country that gave me visa lol and i am living in at the moment lol

Author — Ibikari1


"Their like a couple" "together since day one" Remember when they burnt down the white house?

Author — Cerritulus _


*Other countries*: The red on the flag symbolizes the blood of those who fought for our freedem
*Canada*: The red on the flag symbolizes the blood of those who fought for Europe's freedom

Author — Bizarre Bits


I've been in Canada and Toronto for like a 6 hours during my trip to Niagara Falls and have to say that I LOVED THIS COUNTRY !
Speaking as a European

Author — XXXStarSuper