tem looking for the shield store [Animated]

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  • ℹ️ Published 2 years ago

i wanted!!!! to animate another clip ( ᐛ )

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"I clearly need something I can't find, but I'm also just having a good time" is a big mood.

Author — Tom Fawkes


This is actually Temmie's personal method of time travel for Ocarina of Time, instead of actually using the Ocarina, she just spends years walking around the town looking for the Shield Store and gets distracted the whole time

Traveling back to the past is easy, she just has to walk backwards

Author — Christopher Moon


Making Navi move around slightly with the sounds of her randomly locking onto everything you walk past was a genius idea, Tem.

Author — Arch's Space


I don't know why but this has some REAL "steppin' on the beach" energy.

Author — Joey Palanca


Temmie wearing Link's clothing
Navi wearing Temmie's hat
Incredibly wonderful

The best team right here

Author — Ace-Catel


Temmie walking around the market humming that tune forever is so wonderful! It’s even better because the background works for loops!

Author — JJ R


Why is no one saying how calm she is? I would scream at the top of my lungs trying to find the shield store.

Author — Qwack3r


I suddenly need a full ost of Temmie humming all the Zelda music from this game. That’s something I would vibe to

Author — TaeKwonDitto


I feel like this is a good time to remind you all that you can loop videos by right-clicking, or on mobile by clicking the three dots in the top-right corner!
Thank you Tem for blessing us with this perfect loop!

Edit (August 2022): On Mobile, the “three dots” have been changed to a gear icon, so click that to find the loop button!

Author — Mr. Mimestamp


I like how she decided to give Navi a hat, too. Just a cute little detail ☺

Author — Nicky Scott


Temmie is an absolute gift to this world. A pure, wholesome, adorable gift that all should appreciate.

Author — Henrex


Now I just imagine Temmie singing this tune strolling through blighttown

Author — Triton Demius


I have a smile on my face when hearing Temmie voice and seeing the adorable OG character :3

Author — matan goldstien


This would be a great _Be right back_ transition screen during streams, just have Linktem walk with Navi while the background just slowly loops in the background

Author — Natsu Sekai


Legends tell that Temmie walked in circles until the end of time

Author — Polo Adero


This brings me pure joy, everything about this is just pleasing in a way I cannot describe

Author — TheCon


This is beyond cute. Let's hope Tem finds it

EDIT: guys I mean the store

Author — LooneyNuke


I wish I could go through life having so much innocent positivity the way Tem does. Im just so dead inside. Protect her at all costs.

Author — Eddie Gomez


Temmie is the kind of YouTuber that you would expect to have a wholesome artstyle but dark content (like most Kirby animations because making cute things scary is funny apparently) but no, she’s just really cute and I respect that whole-heartedly

Author — Vinsesh


This is perfect when I’m in a bad mood. No matter what, hearing Temmie sing along makes me feel better

Author — bodenking