LESS LETHAL Ammo For Self Defense??? (12ga Shotgun)

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Testing Less Lethal shotgun ammo in a variety of tests to see how powerful they really are. With the protesting and rioting going on in recent weeks, I have seen these being used by different law enforcement agencies across the country and it has re-sparked my interest. Some of these surprised me!

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This is the most useful information I've ever seen on this kind of ammunition.

It seems hard to find information on this and your three tests gave great information on how hard they hit.

You have done your community a great service.

Thank you.

Author — Matthew Boyd


When I worked in corrections, we were taught to shoot the rubber ball rounds at the floor in front of a target or a wall or something to increase the spread of the rounds... as opposed to direct hits

Author — John Amerine


Thanks for taking us along for the ride bro! You're doing great and moving on up in subs! I always enjoy your videos! Much love y'all!

Author — Kevin Jung


Word to the unwise. WEAR YOUR SAFETY GLASSES. ONE rubber pellet bounce back could ruin your day if it struck your eye. In my experience, the buckshot spreads so much as to be ineffective last 20 feet. Your barrel fire is from the powder not being sufficiently compressed on firing to be fully compressed and thus is not fully consumed. They need to use faster burning powder.



So the ones they used when I was in prison and jail were similar to the blue slug and the two orange balls. When they come storming in and let off their shotguns with the rubber ammo, the shots were definitely more concussive just like a regular shotgun load. They were super powerful. Anyone that got shot had either broken ribs, gnarly bruises with internal bleeding.

Author — 300blkout


I'm so thankful for your channel it's like going over to a friend's house and just enjoying a good time with firearms. I like that you admit that hey I don't know everything I'm interested to see what happens 🤔 I'm learning alongside you. I just like how every day you are 😁😁 cheers 🎉🎉🍺🍺

Author — Chris Volckening


I imagine the flame-throwing shotgun is a result of the projectiles being so light. I imagine they’re leaving the barrel before the powder is fully burnt, resulting in the remaining, burning powder flying out the end of the barrel.

Author — Cytofusion


I have been going back to these slightly older videos and been watching for nearly a good two hours now. I really enjoy your content. Keep up the great work!

Author — Robdoggierob


Plywood was an old military standard for lethality. If it can go through 1/2" board it's lethal.

Author — Chris Rodriguez


I've seen videos of police abusing less lethal rounds. I don't know if it is because they are ignorant of the injury they can cause or what. If I was defending my home or store from rioters and all I had was a shotgun, I would want to be running 15 pellet 00BK from a 3" shell. At least I know it's supposed to hurt them and it might repel a few. Congrats on the subs!

Author — Fudmottin


You seem like a nice guy and your usually having fun on the channel. I’m interested in learning g more about guns, but appreciate the informal and somewhat playful approach you have.

Author — Franz Van Julio


I always enjoy your Videos and Appreciate all the Hard Work You do Putting Them Together. I'm so Glad the Channel is Doing so Well.

Author — Bob Carmichael


Wow, the growth of your channel is amazing seeing that this was at 20k subs and now in 12/21 you are over 140k and still helping people is amazing. Thank you for your content and you keep getting better I think this is one of the first videos of your that I watched when it came out and now I am watching it again. That should tell you that you make a difference

Author — Lil Mike


Thank you for this video. I have a friend who could not bring herself to kill a person for any reason. She has a double barrel shotgun that was given to her. I suggested less lethal rounds and she is interested in that. I like the orange bouncy balls the best.

Author — Paladin Falconer


Thank you for all your hard work.
You make great content. The videos are high quality and everyone loves watching and shooting guns. Keep up the awesome work.

Author — Richard Scheidel


thank you for these very informative tests. and a lot of testing is done over this distance. but shouldn't we try at 5metres? (and with a tissue like a shirt, in front of the ballistic gel? Because i think it stop a little more with a shirt ), and 5 meters because in the event of an intrusion into a house, we will certainly not be 10 meters away, unless we are very rich 😂😂.

Author — Gérard G


Very good info. Thanks. We enjoy your vids immensely. The double round ball would be my choice. The bugs were making us uncomfortable. My boys and I watched this on lunch break. We were sure you were going to suck in a fly. Great stuff.

Author — Guardian Minifarm


The problem, at least in Texas, is that if one points a firearm at another human, the justification must be for lethal force. And if that is the problem you are faced with, less than lethal may not get the job done. Law enforcement has different ROE than a Civilian. So using “less lethal” for a deterrent or crowd control will likely be judged differently. FWIW, I am certified by TX DPS to train/certify students for license to carry so while not a Lawyer, I do at least have an educated perspective.

Author — John New


I love your channel brother! Your a valuable asset to the community. Keep on keepin on!

Author — Sek


Great video! I learned a lot and didn't have to get bitten by nasty bugs either - what's not to like?? Imma get me some of those double orange balls to have around in case 2020 decides to visit my neighborhood.

Author — Jeff Pittman