We’ve Watched This Droplet For 91 Years But Nobody’s Ever Seen it Happen

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We’ve Watched This Droplet For 91 Years But Nobody’s Ever Seen it Happen 4.5
This droplet is part of whats known as the longest running scientific endeavor according to Guinness World Records.

What you see here is the pitch drop experiment which has been going on for 91 years. Back In 1927, Thomas Parnell, a professor at the University of Queensland in Australia set out to demonstrate to his students that while some substances appear solid, they’re actually highly viscous fluids.

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So, people are spending 12 hours watching a droplet... And I was worried about what I'm doing with my life!

Author — 30aragon


Waited 10 years for Incredibles 2 and Finding Dory

Author — Alonzo Booker


Imagine waiting for a drop for the hole life and you missed it.

Author — Rofi Uddin


A ten minute video about a drop


Author — Octo Creeper


The Beverly clock is not a perpetual motion device for it gets powered by its surroundings. Not itself

Author — Marcel Holt


*MrBeast new video: Watching the Pitch Drop Experiment until a drop occurs...*

Author — MiitsPlayz - Random Games


actually, the real question is, how Long will it be until the Liquid runs out.

Author — 50k subs with ? subs a video


"You can place bets on it"

LOL Sportsbet never disappoints.

Author — Wrathlon


'Don't drink asphalt'
Youtubers : how about we do anyway?

Author — PurpleDecad


9:10 "Massachussets"
shows location in maine

Author — MinersHaven


Watching the pitch drop is way harder than DVD screen saver hits the corner

Author — Farid Fakhouri


Serious question, does this mean roadway asphalt is moving or "flowing" like a river just extremely slowly?

Author — James Booth


Dunedin is not pronounced like that it’s du-ne-din

Author — I’m Trash


if i missed it while getting coffee i probably would've cried

Author — Ed Doulette


There's a drop of water hanging from my sink for years.turned out it only dropped when I blinked.friend told me.

Author — Dan Erickson


Person in 1978 : I’m sure we will see flying cars after 40 years.
Person in 2018 : I’m sure we will see the drop falling in 2020.

Author — Jash Modi


New challenge:

Turn your phone on mute and try to understand whats happening just by looking at all the transitions.

Author — Sir HazelNutz


Something ive waited so long to see but never have, hum, let me in smash

Author — tacapa1111


2:16 "So what do you do for a living?"

I wonder if anyone ever gives an honest answer

Author — Bob Thenob


Them: Lets spend 90 years trying to see tar drop into a cup.

Author — Jacob Hinton