The UK's Young Reoffenders: Rule Britannia (Full Length)

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The UK's Young Reoffenders: Rule Britannia (Full Length) 4.5

In this episode of Rule Britannia, VICE meets "Saky's Finest"—a gang of young reoffenders based on the Saxton Road estate in Abingdon, Oxfordshire. Locked into a cycle of reoffending and going to jail, some of these guys have spent so much of their childhood in Young Offenders' Institutes that they'd rather be back inside than in the real world.

20-year-old Coopz is looking at a serious stretch in adult jail after being recently bailed in connection with the attempted robbery of a local shop. Ross and Nathan, who at 27 are considered the "olders" of the group, both try to stop him from going down the same paths they did.

We also meet Pitts, arguably the most institutionalized member of the gang, who has only seen the outside world for a matter of weeks in the last six years. Now out, he just wants to have fun, get pissed and fight—as well as settling an old score with Reggie, the local store owner, for something that happened 12 years ago.

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Best advertisement for birth control I've ever seen!

Author — Sand Hopper


The only real G in this vid is Reggie the shop keeper,

Author — sanatan soldier


even the dogs look sick of hanging round with these idiots.

Author — Easty027


All the poor mothers that should have swallowed these clowns.

Author — Phayes


"We all stick together... It's a tight community"

*Proceeds to rob a local corner shop*

Pathetic, little, parasites.

Author — AmusingYeti


in the first three minutes I feel like I've already lost brain cells

Author — pokedude104


the strongest display I've ever seen of suppressed homosexuality.

Author — fluidjazz


Have mixed friends but they gonna put swastika on painting? These dudes are confused

Author — Wrong Nigguh


“Nothing for me out there, these are my ends and I look after it”

Robs a corner shop.

Author — P Pods


It's so cringey when they go around the group saying "he's been in jail, he's been in jail" etc etc and one guy holds his hand up saying "I've been in jail 5 times" with a stupid big grin on his face like its something to be so proud of. Absolute reprobates.

Author — Celtic fan


“Threatened to kill her, it was nothing major”

Author — A Person


Not a single brain cell amongst them I feel for reg he’s the only decent MAN there

Author — Scott Whittaker


They have no idea how silly and meaningless they are.

Author — Declan Ryan


If you answered "No" to every "Do you know what I mean" would their heads explode?

Author — Sloane O'Hara


Yeah, we have these kinds of kids in the U.S. too. We call them trailer trash.

Author — Nort McGort


The store owner is such a lovely man, would love to shop there.

Author — MattFobian


6:35 oh he's scary no mate nobody is thinking that you've got the body of a malnourished 10 year old snap you in half

Author — Tony Gunk


On a serious note, i feel sorry for the dogs.

Author — captin weestain


"He's a great family man tho"
Couple of days later he pulls a knife on her 😕

Author — Michael Burness


"You can only dream and hope..." - No, you can make good decision, distance yourself from those who don't and work hard for something

Author — Andrew Fehrsen