Trump’s Team Can’t Defend His Shifting Iran Lies: A Closer Look

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Trump’s Team Can’t Defend His Shifting Iran Lies: A Closer Look 4.5

Seth takes a closer look at a new poll saying a majority of Americans disapprove of President Trump’s handling of Iran, as the president’s own team struggles to defend his lies and borrows directly from George W. Bush’s playbook.

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Trump’s Team Can’t Defend His Shifting Iran Lies: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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Which 4 embassies? And then why didn’t you warn them of an imminent attack?
—I’m calling bull 💩

Author — dafttool


So let's get this straight. Kennedy is assassinated, his brother is assassinated, King is assassinated but Trump keeps living?

Author — James Smithe


Remembering when Trump declaring war on Iran was the worst thing of 2020...

How naive we were all those years back, 7months ago.

Author — SoLoMoN DaViDSoN


"These are split-second decisions..." Committing an act of war SHOULD NOT be a split-second decision.

Author — classchair


"Elect a clown, expect a circus."

Author — ElroyMcDuff


Trump is like a snowflake:
white, fragile and hopefully gone by spring.

Author — Ann van de Kew


Pompeo: "There are some things we simply cannot make public because we haven't finished making them up, as yet..."

Author — TheMercilessEye


Ten years from now 9 out of 10 Trump voters will lie about voting for him.

The United States of Amnesia

Author — Eoin C


He says declaring war is a split second decision! The world must be scared of this man.

Author — nirranj prabhu


It’s funny how trump supporters are so fast to say “fake news” to anything they don’t like, but will believe the stupidest things that trump comes up with

Author — Zombisexual


So they kill this guy based on an imaginary 'imminent attack', and chide us for impeaching Donnie for actual, already committed offenses.

Sounds legit.

Author — New Message


“These are split second decisions.” It’s now a fact that Trump planned this 7 months ago. Bolton confirmed this. Again, bold face lie No. 1, 583, 652M. 🤨

Author — K A


The attack was so immenent that they didn't know where or when it was going to happen.

Author — Valentin Li


What makes Iran stop their so called "imminent threat" even without the general, they all get replaced anyway. The plan is still there, it doesn't disappear because of some dead officers. If you really want to stop the "imminent threat" you would have to bomb Iran's bases and invade, right? The truth is that there wasn't a threat, they killed the general to make Iran retaliate to an extreme that would give Trump a reason for a full out scale bombing/ invasion. Iran stands in their way to dominate the Middle-East. That's the truth and the only reason for killing the general. All this bullshit about him being a "terrorist" is just for the show, a scenery for the public. It's to stop you for asking the real questions, why was the general killed? Who benefitted? Who has the power to cover it up?

Author — holamoco17


Why is no one asking how assassinating Soleimani would stop his minions from carrying out this imminent attack?
It's not like he was going to climb into a berzerk-a-tron war robot and wreak havoc by himself; he gave orders and his officers and men carried them out.
You kill him and all you have is a "Remember the Alamo" war cry to inspire the attack that killing him wasn't going to stop.

Author — Steve Jordan


All of Trump’s card decks were repossessed when his 3 casinos went bankrupt.

Author — dafttool


One word for his action on Iran...” Murderer “

Author — Ulua Nathan Junior Ah Fook


“there was no specific intelligence” - description of Trump

Author — Christine Chin


We’ve entered an age where “belief” equates to “fact” for much of the population.

Author — Von Dor


It was a sad, desperate attempt to try and save his Presidency by looking like a big man or start a war to distract from Impeachment. He's a liar.

Author — TheDeadlyAvenger