CHECKERBOARD Pan TEST Gatorade Cake Recipe | Does it Work?

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CHECKERBOARD Pan TEST Gatorade Cake Recipe | Does it Work? 5
This set of pans promises to make a triple layered checkerboard cake, and I'm adding four flavors of Gatorade to keep things interesting. New videos every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday.

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This video is NOT sponsored. Just wanted to bake a cake.

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Hey Emmy! I’m a cake decorator and I thought I’d pass along a quick tip to make your icing experience easier. If you freeze your layers before frosting you won’t have to worry about the cake cracking or pulling apart when you frost. The moisture from the boxed cakes make them a nightmare to frost at room temp. Hope it helps! Love your channel!!

Author — Tiare Lefotu


"Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should."

Author — Adyren Lyn


When I'm on the treadmill, it's important to replenish electrolytes, which is why I always have a slice of this cake in my hand.

Author — My Phone


Get an "Easy bake oven" and see what you can make with it. You're delightful, btw. So cheery😀

Author — lukin 71


Your videos make me so happy. You're such a wonderfully pleasant person.

Author — Beer Grunt


Easer if you cook the two colours separately and use the things as a cookie cutter and rearrange the pieces inverting the Centre of the three rings.

Author — Owen Creed


I love to hear Emmy speak; she speaks very fluently.

Author — lifeisablessing


If you warm the tub of the frosting for a few seconds, it makes it easier to spread and you avoid the breaking and spreading of the crumbs to the rest of the cake. 😊 I love your videos. 💖

Author — Samantha M


hello emmy can you recreate the jollibee peach mango pie? that will be a pretty interesting video! oh btw i just wanna say you are amazing and i LOOOOVE your videos! ♡

Author — Shining finger


I so wanna see your thrift store, you always seem to find such cool stuff!!!

Author — samx36


Emmy!! You should do a “go thrift shopping with me” and take the camera into the store and show us all the great finds you see :)

Author — Lovely Lilax


I love how emmy just casually talks to the cake

Author — Jeremiah Nguyen


I thought it would be easier to bake 3 separate colors then use the white piece to cut the cakes. That's how I've seen every checker cake done.

Author — pat_snow08


Putting the cake layers in the fridge for a while firms them up and makes them less easy to tear when frosting.

Author — momof2


Try some Vintage, Antique Mock recipes from either world war

Author — GamyH


I was just looking at doing a plaid cake for my son’s Cub Scout cake auction and this would be such a big help! I wonder if something similar is still on the market... Great video as always!

Author — Annie Gilpin


I should be asleep right now but I'm still going to watch this and then go to sleep 😂

Author — Carla Casimiro


It's much easier to frost frozen cakes, they actually teach that in culinary school.

Author — Jenn McAlister


I've been doing that parchment trick on my cake table ever since I first saw you do it!

Author — Lindsay Daly


Doing things like this with your kids is so much fun, and helps build great life skills, even if things don't always turn out perfectly. That's always the important part.

Author — Hedro Wilson