Video shows the fatal encounter between Chicago police and suspect

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Video shows the fatal encounter between Chicago police and suspect 4.5
At least four people have been injured and several others arrested while protesting the police shooting of Harith Augustus.

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wtf are they protesting? completely justified shooting

Author — saucebuawse


I'm Hard On Cops, But....Gotta go with the Police On this one. Non Compliant, Running Away, Armed, Reaching. Results Justified.

Author — The Spy


100% justified, yet these fools still riot

Author — Hello


The Police released this video quickly because they know that this was justified.

Author — zabbok


he was reaching for his gun with intent to

Author — Happy


You really can't blame the police for this shooting. You can see clearly he was trying to reach for his gun.

Author — BiG JuiCe


This time I’m with the Cops...looks very clear to me he had a gun and a couple of clips on his waist line, plus he was resistant and reached for his gun...

Author — Master King Lee


Chicago PD did the right thing. Why people are protesting?

The guy was reaching for his gun.

Some people are waiting for something like this to happen to protest and destroy public property

Author — LT


Chicago yall buggin! he was reaching for his gun, im not with that killing our people but dude was wrong in more ways than one. he brought that on himself. sorry

Author — New Jersey


Obviously the police photoshopped the gun into this video in 24 hours. He was clearly on his way to help the elderly in his neighborhood.

Author — John packer


if i was a cop i wouldnt even go to those areas when called.let them deal with their own problems if they hate police so much.

Author — John Too


He was reaching for his 🔫

Author — Formation of Words


Clear cut good shoot God bless the police. Great job

Author — rezdog187


So I'm guessing BLM, the ACLU and Al Sharpton won't be racing to Chicago to hold a -fund raising- press conference?

Author — zbudda


Great job Officers. But I am confused I thought no one cares when anyone black is killed in Chicago. Black on black killing gets no attention but a justified police shooting gets riots. Am I missing something?

Author — Franklin Jones


Much respect to the family of the victim. But in this type of circumstance, police officers or not, you're around people who's strapped, and you reaching for yours? What do you expect?

Author — Juan Santclaire


“Protestors took to the streets DEMANDING to see the officers body camera footage”. Well you saw it. Now what? Oops! Maybe the police shouldnt have released it, because it destroyed their narrative.

Author — TWDxKILL3R


No right to protest. Justified shooting. Just an excuse to riot for a myriad of other more complicated reasons.

Author — Randall Frame


This is the crappy America

Where every one protest about stupid random things

Author — Dunk Potato


I'm sorry but this time I'm not against the police 🚨 I would have done the same. Now, question: how many times was he shot?

Author — De Toa Baja Pal' Mundo