NateWantsToBattle: The Evil King [LYRIC VIDEO] A Legend of Zelda Song

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"The Evil King" an original song inspired by The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time from the album Songs of Time by Nathan Sharp - NateWantsToBattle

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This is literally unbelievable. Incredible work! Huge fan

Author — FabvL


"Together we make three, so you're always stuck with me."
That one line perfectly sums up the whole series.

Author — Slinky Dogg


During the bridge, when he says “My hate will cycle and will soon be born anew!” I always picture one of Ganon’s other incarnations flashing up on every syllable, ending with the BOTW 2 teaser where his head just snaps toward the camera

Author — Christian Deepe


It's so interesting to me that Ganondorf tells Link, "you could never understand how it feels to be alone, " even though Link was treated like an outcast all his life for being the only Kokiri without a fairy.

Author — SareBear


I was hoping there would be a bigger mention of Ganon's motive for taking Hyrule. I mean other than being power hungry. Wind Waker reveals that the reason he choose Hyrule of all kingdoms to conquer was because of it's wind. The wind that howled in the desert, be it hot or cold, brought only death. However the gentle breeze across the plains of Hyrule was kind to everyone. In his own words he "coveted that wind".

Author — Hitei


I just like how this song ends.
Ganon: My praises you will - I will be your king
Link: You'll never be my king!

Just like in Shell.
The chorus ends with the line "His praises you shall sing." except the final chorus where it is "His praises you shall--" Link is always fighting Ganon for the sake of Hyrule!

Author — FriendofFantasy


The line "You're just a thief, took what is mine." is so ironic. Ganondorf really does have that mindset, yet he started as the king of THIEVES.

Author — Jarius Reece


And then Ganondorf was quickly defeated by a 9-year-old in a 16-year-old's body with an empty bottle.

Author — MidnightMuffin


This is so metal \m/-.-\m/


Author — ConnerTheWaffle


Imagine Jonathan Young with his villain voice singing this.

Author — Aaron Long Huynh


I really prefer Ganon as this character that started out as a monarch trying to provide for his people, but the nature of doing so led to what morality he had almost completely drying up. I like this song touching on Ganondorf's growing up in the Desert, as it references his development in Wind Waker as something besides "loltyrant."

I reject the Demise reincarnation plot device. It seemed really forced in trying to establish a root for it all, when I think Ocarina of Time's political situation and the Zelda, Link, and Ganon being in the right place at the right time is the only explanation we need. The King of Hyrule was a jerk, and Ganon sought out the power of the Triforce to end the harsh life for his people. We assume Ganon showed up and just demanded the Stones in a vacuum, but why don't we imagine the various leaders were either prejudiced against the Gerudo because of a prior war, or fearful of the King's wrath (look at that Shadow Temple for all the evidence you need there are some terrible politics in History's past)? Given the possible extinction of his people, Ganondorf's extreme methods seem proportionate.

A part of me thinks Zelda and the Deku Tree's premonitions regarding Ganon weren't so much about him being an evil person, so much as a weak one. He had plenty of reason to have anger and hatred in his heart, as much as a quest for personal glory... he is human, after all. No matter what his original intentions were, he was not ready to wield the power of the gods. What portion he received, though, was enough to corrupt him and essentially end whatever good was left in him.

...this would happen to just about anyone else, too.

Author — Tanner Bates


I just love the end with Link's retort.

Author — Kitsune Aitsuki


The line: "Together, we make three, so you're always stuck with me..." Is the best line i like in this song.

Author — SilverHawk45


oH my god when I realized the chorus had a spin on Gerudo Valley I WAS BLOWN AWAY this is AMAZING

Author — Kuraiinu


the title looks like 'Nate wants to battle the evil king, ' go ahead Nate, you battle that evil king

Author — Jared Prather


I can just imagine Ganondorf and Link singing this in a musical in my head now.

Author — DarkMirria1


Id like a Zelda game where you play as Ganondorf. Something like prequel to Ocarina of Time that tells the story of him growing up with the Gerudo.

Author — SomeguycalledSmithy


Always love to see the legend from the perspective of the other side.
I love that line “Call you the Hero of our Time. You’re just a thief, took what is mine.”
Shows Ganondorf’s pride in his destiny.

I also feel there’s a sort of pity at the start. Not much, but a measure of regret over having to do what he does.

Author — Rustymcnut


Can't believe I'm just now discovering this masterpiece!

Author — CosmicGaming


i like how he uses words that Gannodorf says in the game

Author — Boss 42