Relief Carving

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Relief Carving 5
Learn how to use a multi-tool to create custom beautiful custom signs for your home. These also make beautiful gifts?

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This video was helpful, thanks. Great result.

Author — Draw with Peter


Simply amazing work! To get that relief as you did is nothing but skill!

Author — Larry Anderson


Def Leppard 🤘
Rock on girl, great work as well turned out awesome

Author — Alastair Coe


I had a sudden urge to blow on my screen to try remove some of the sawdust :)

Author — Clydearb


Great job and everything well explained. Thanks for sharing.
How many hours did it take you to carve out everything? (or you rather did not watch the time?)

Author — Hans de Groot


I must be really getting absorbed in these videos. At around the 4:15 mark, I almost blew into my screen to remove the sawdust!

Author — bcfine1


Hearing a woman tell me to have a firm grip on my tool makes me smile.

Author — fizbinsfire


Yes Nick! I agree. I have had this Craftsman for about 20 years. It has worked fine. I use it quite a bit. I do think it’s time for me to get a new one. Is there one you’d recommend?

Author — sasha skapar


You need a flex shaft attachment more control. Faster too. Do you like the Craftsman dremmel. How often do you use it.

Author — Nick Kalicki


What type of Dremel tool is that the brand name I have one that cost me 50 bucks too small handheld it works but it takes forever to carve into a piece of wood and it seems type of style that you're doing please help

Author — Travis Oglesby


Videos are getting better and better. Great visuals for all us non professionals!

Author — Harvey Wittmier


I would have used a router with a profile bit

Author — bling0023


Have you ever tried a router?? Seems like would be more precise and easier.

Author — james boyblue


Have you considered using a router to get rid of most of that material before you go in with a dremel? Seems like removing that much materiel at a certain depth is not the dremel's forte.

Author — Carbon 12