Rapunzel: Grimm Fairy Tale Classics - (Exploring the Grimm Fairy Tales)

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Today we start our series exploring the Grimm fairy tales starting with a classic, the story of Rapunzel.
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💬 Comments

Grimm fairytales are so much better than the modern ones, sure they're really dark and most aren't quite as kid friendly, but I love that as you said there's a moral or lesson you can learn from each one.

Author — Werewolf


Actually fairy tales were quite dark stories not for children originally. The past was filled with hardships, unfairness, sickness/death, and not much hope for most people and fairy tales were dark and reflected that. The Grimm brothers actually collected these tales, tweaked them and made them for children. They were like the first Disney, if you will.

In the original Rapunzel the question she asks to the enchantress is "Madame, why are my clothes so tight?" Which is referring to the prince getting her pregnant, meaning the price was coming by night after night having premarital relations. Thats why the witch falls into such a rage.

The Grimm brothers changed this line, and although she does give birth to children in the story there is not so much an emphasis on how it happened.

This was a very tame story compared to other tales. You should look into the real sleeping beauty!

Author — sarah boomer


Hair 20 ells long? That's 75 feet. Most hair only grows 6-10 inches per year. Rapunzel was secretly 125 years old!

Author — Marialla


Long time viewer, first time commenter. Just wanted to say I like your videos. I want to thank you for what you do: educating people. This is not a big thing on YouTube over the past 13 years, however I like that someone is taking the time to do so. These videos are informative and fun. I hope that more people actually enjoy watching these and learning from them. Thanks, again for what you do.

Author — Kevin Collins


Among the altered Disney fairy tales, this has to be the story with the best ending prior to alteration. The others are truly grim, get it, grim?

Author — Franz Joseph Esguerra


Finally proper respect toward the Grimm fairy tale classics, well done sir.

Author — Andrew Wood


I'm German and in the versions I've read the plot was always quite shorter in time: The craving for the rapunzels of the witch neighbour caused the couple to directly go out to steal them and the witch's response is just as immediate. I don't remember how exactly the prince solved getting up the tower but it also was a quicker process and he actually rescues her only with the help of some magic nuts on the run away. Also Rapunzel was the only person with a name which I feel is common in German tales. The cast of Sleeping Beauty for example only contains thirteen fairies, royal parents, nameless staff, a strange weaving woman and Briar Rose.

Author — sour witch sapphic


Awesome! More Grimm Fairy tales please!

Author — sarahgirlisit Kelly


Growing up in the 50's I heard the exact same story as you recounted here. Same for little Red Ring Hood, she was cut out of th4 wolf's body by the huntsman her and her grandmother. I don't recollect them watering down the fairy tales I learned in school very much if any.

Author — Mountain Fisher


Despite Rapunzel being one of the best known fairy tales I have to admit that I was not familiar with the whole story or at least a very much different version. The one I know definately did not include the garden and the herbs, the desert or Rapunzel becoming pregnant with the prince´s children, or him going blind. The one I know was much more simple with him simply rescueing her from the tower and killing the old woman.

Author — John O ́neil


how did rapunzel not start balding from all that tugging on her hair when people climb it

Author — Rose Life


Can you please explain to us the story of The Chronicles of Narnia.
Id love to hear the whole explanation behind it.

Thank you for awesome videos you make.

Author — Johannes Steward


I am pretty sure less sanitised version of this tale gets through in some books, because I vaguely recall the version I read it was one that included the prince getting his eyes poked by thorns. It may not have included the twin children though, but I can't recall for sure. I suspect it was a Golden Book version of the story - Golden Books are a brand of cheap story books for children, often available in supermarkets, that tend to include a lot of the classic fairytales.
The last time I really noticed them available I found one that was a story of a soldier who took a challenge to solve how his numerous daughters (I don't recall how many, it could be as few as 12 or up to 20) were wearing out their shoes every night. It was a good enough story that I bought it despite being in my 20s. A couple of years ago I also heard Golden Books had released a Grumpy Cat book, but I have never seen a copy in person.
I faintly recall a thick Golden Books omnibus book that had several stories in it, but that was when I was a child and the book has been lost since then. The Rapunzel story may have been in it.

Author — Mimi Sardinia


As much as I love Rapunzel, I couldn't help but chuckle at the ridiculousness of some of what happened:

If the tower has no door or stairs, then how did the old woman get Rapunzel into the tower in the first place? How did Rapunzel not know someone else was coming up the tower when the Prince came? Does a young man weigh or sound anything like an old woman? Who helped Rapunzel deliver her babies and how did she survive the desert post-delivery? Where can I get that kind of insurance? So many questions. Lol

Author — candiigurl7893


Also love ❤️ this book 📖 version by Phillip Pullman!

Author — Liam Shaughnessy


Yeaahhhh man more of the Grimm Tales plz. It would also be really cool if you covered cryptids and urban legends as well!!

Author — flex luthor


If you do a video on Sleeping Beauty then you should do the version by Charles Perralut who wrote the original story, Little Briar Rose by the Brothers Grimm as its basically the same but doesn't have the ogress and children. Then you should discuss Talia, Sun and Moon Which Sleeping Beauty was based on but technically isn't the same story.

Author — TheGeek


Learning the real/full story I love how Into The Woods(the play/movie) incorporated both the Disney and original story in its writing, awesome vid😊

Author — Ike Rants


Can you do Bluebeard next or Donkey Cabbage next? I don't see any mention of those outside of the animated Grimm's Fairy Tales. Bluebeard is pretty dark and might be right up your alley since it revolves around a woman coming across her husband's grotesque secret and breaking her promise to him that she would stay away from a specific room.

Author — Hellbound Iscariot


I forget who wrote it but there was an illustrated children's book that had this device: one day the wife asked her husband to help her tighten her dress because she recently had trouble doing it on her own. The husband then knew his wife was pregnant. Later after Mr. Prince visited, Rapunzel asked the witch to help her tighten her dress. . .

Author — Gina-Marie G