How to Carve a Relief Carving

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How to Carve a Relief Carving 5

Learn the basic steps involved in carving a relief. Join Master Wood Carver, Chris Pye, at Woodcarving Workshops for more projects and information on tools and equipment. The wood is Lime (Tilia sp), the 3 Hares are traditional and the design is Chris's

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I find this to be very “the joy of painting”. With a bit more technicality. Love it.

Author — roscocsa


I remember a print like this from Elemental Ceramics

Author — anderson bridgelal


Absolutely beautiful! You make me really want to have a go at this.

Author — LizMcNamara47


I'm currently waiting for my first set of chisels to be delivered and watching this just made the wait seem longer 🤪
Thank you for the time you took to make and upload this video, it was both very educational and enjoyable.

Author — 2learneasy


Great vedio, I enjoied every minute, thank you for sharing,
What is species of this wood.

Author — M M


Are you getting some ideas together to help restore that famous church in Paris, seems you are needed there.



I am a very novice wood carver as well..I've learned an astronomical amount by watching your videos Chris, but one of the most important things I've learned so far is..Wow..Your gouges are sharp..What a beautiful and unique design with the rabbits. Thank you for sharing your Gift with us sir.!

Author — K9insomniac


Hi, this is a great wood carving video. Very skilfully done and an excellent tutorial for beginners to follow. Where do you get your craft supplies from and also the wood for working on? Also what do you do with the finished product? Do you sell these carvings and for what purpose are they created? I am merely trying to understand why I would love to do this myself. I like what you have achieved here. Thank you for sharing this skill.

Author — Paul Abel


Nice work! Before gouging - Wouldn't a stop cut along the lines be helpful so you can gouge & it will hit the stop line without going outside the line.

Author — Tony J


This is more calming than watching Just bought one of your books by the way... thank you for the video.. I am very visual :D

Author — D.C.


Спасибо не надо высылать я все нашел на вашем сайте

Author — Сергей Чуйкин


Besides his skillfulness in carving and using tools, the sharpness of gauges is beyond normal sharpening skills. Imagine your tools are not 100% sharp and you pluck one part unintentionally and "You are done".

Author — Houman R


Excellent instruction Mr. Pye. Interesting and easy to follow.

Author — Walkin O'Shea


What do you think of birch for carving?

Author — Rudy Barry


what kind of wood do you use? it looks like it cuts so well compared to when I do. When I cut the wood it isn't smooth it has a lot of crevices in it. I have been using pine. do you know if that is the wood or just my technique

Author — bitterherbs94


you are very good what kind of wood they use.
Basq Country 👍👏👏🤝

Author — gotzon1000


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Author — điêu khắc dương


Searching for a printable template for this rabbit project. Anyone know if it exits?

Author — greg ritchie


Are you using a laminated wood of some kind? Or is it a base coat of paint/stain on the wood?

Author — Paul Plummer