Frozen vs. Fast vs. Fancy Food Taste Test

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Frozen vs. Fast vs. Fancy Food Taste Test 5

Today, we're trying the frozen, fast food, and fancy versions of Italian food side by side and seeing how they match up! GMM #1827

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💬 Comments

For one of those rounds you should have Josh/Mythical Kitchen make one of the dishes (using the ingredients of whatever dish he’s replacing) and try to make the best dish.

Author — Erik C 'Piano Man'


Considering Link has the taste buds of a teenager, I'm not that surprised he wants a reservation at Dominoes. 😂

Author — Chris Hayes


Only Link would say that Dominos Pizza is spicy. 😂

Author — Mark Battle


So convinced at this point that Rhett’s final form is just an actual Norse god.

Author — Keanna Vogt


Italians will be crying all through this episode...

Author — sternis1


I really hope they bring back the "lets talk about that". To me, that was more their catch phrase than "good mythical morning" its self. Also, I might be in the minority here, but I really don't like having any of the episode spoiled before I get to watch it :S

Author — Garzbrez


I’d love a “Mexican Food” version of this.

Author — XxXemo_ panda_gurlXxX


I never thought I'd get frustrated watching a grown man try and get a forkful of spaghetti. TWIST IT LINK! WHAT IS YOUR

Author — Fatal Axecident


I hope these two legends never end this show

Author — Tmacaroni 01


They’re literally just overgrown children and nothing makes me happier

Author — Owen Romano


It’s so weird not hearing “Let’s talk about that”

Author — Amber B


"Don't put broccoli in it"

*Sad broccoli loving noises*

Author — QueenKaito


As both a dominos and an olive garden employee, I greatly appreciate Link's enthusiasm lmao

Author — Lily O'Bryan


If Chris Hemsworth ever retires as Thor, Rhett should just be his replacement

Author — Just Some Guy without a Mustache


Links face when he confirms “DOMINOS?” God made my day this is why I watch this show 🥺😂

Author — Adelle Lacy


Anyone else completely flabbergasted when they said the Olive Garden spaghetti was $16.99?! That made me thankful to live anywhere but LA. It's only $9.99 in my city.

Author — Sarah Stoops


Only link would say “ make me a reservation at this fancy place” as it’s dominos

Author — Avery Stecker


I always watch gmm before going to bed instead of in the morning lol

Author — leneay


Ah yes my favorite fast-casual Italian restaurant: Pepperidge Farm

Author — Michael Carroll


Link keeps referring to “domino” like it’s a person who made that pizza. Which worries me because of the “avoid the noid” guy.

Author — Greg Martinez