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America's Great Divide, Part 1 (full film) | FRONTLINE 4.5

An investigation into America’s increasingly bitter, divided and toxic politics.

Part One of the documentary traces how Barack Obama’s promise of unity collapsed as increasing racial, cultural and political divisions laid the groundwork for the rise of Donald Trump.

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At least PBS didn't disable the comment section lol. Gotta give them props for that!

Author — Max Willson


Meghan Kelly: "Palin was like the pre Trump"

I don't like Meghan but that's hilarious and so true lol

Author — Brianna Daylon


Obama is what America pretends to be, Trump is what America has always been.

Author — X Y


America been divided when Columbus claimed he discovered it.

Author — Ernestine Johnson


This special is more relevant than ever now

Author — D Boi


If you've ever wondered how the great empires of history fell apart then wonder no more, they destroy themselves from the inside.

Author — Arun


This is one of the saddest things I've ever seen...

Author — Chrissy Love


Congress does not represent America. Congress represents the rich.

Author — GoldenHawk93


Wow wow I was so sad, the Republican Party said they weren’t going to let him do jack crap and mess him up good .

Author — Ernst Pierre


Haha, love how Trump talks down about Obama signing Executive Orders when that's all that trump has done at all during his presidency.

Author — Adam Koepke


Where is the conversation about the media’s faults in all this division? They’re the biggest culprit in fomenting division.

Author — N. N.


Sanofi CEO Paul Hudson say: "The US government is entitled to the largest pre-order because it has invested in 'risk taking', and added - the US expected that if "we helped you produce risk doses, we are waiting to get however first transh"..

Author — rozina DG


I love PBS thank you for allowing "free speech"! Allowing everyone points of view to be noted here in this comment section!

Author — Dr. Armani Trosclair


17:12 did he just say Obama is “inherently very conservative”?

Author — David Weise


Biggest problem with America: lack of intellect, lack of education, lack of knowledge. Most too lazy to search for truths...just parrot what they hear and follow like sheep. Many learn this from their uneducated, hate filled parents and grow up in a hate filled home or are educated and literate but just extremely racist, also...learned behavior from their parents. Nurture vs Nature. I wonder, will this ever end. Will racism in America, ever end. A white man on a hospital bed at an ER with a black doctor saving his life....neither would stop to think about their race. Why should we otherwise.

Author — miss me


"I've learn many things over the years but there's one thing that stand out the most that's people are trying to hard to prove themselves to other peoples if you know right from wrong then be yourself and do your best...."Because the truth be told we are just a pawn in these people game..."If I'm wrong please forgive win destroy all!!!

Author — Kim Jackson


Face this truth: Our country is broken and until we come together, we cannot be fixed.

Author — Steve Ababan


No matter what Obama's good intentions were, he never stood a chance with the republicans.

Author — africanbeautifulgirl


The wealthy all work together each president has a role to play same agenda different tactics

Author — Jerald Smith


Lack of common sense & compassion killed this country beyond repair.

Author — CPA