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Hi Guys I'm Matty Conrad!
I know it doesn't look like it but I am a men's grooming expert. No.... really I am. I own a hugely successful chain of barbershops, a internationally acclaimed haircare brand, was named Canadian barber of the year in 2018, I work regularly with GQ magazine as a grooming expert, and I work with a growing number of celebrities in both film and television.

This year I teamed up with GQ to shave off my beard and regrow it from scratch so that I could share my experience with you. Since thenI have only trimmed it once and have just been letting it grow out! That's why my beard looks so ratchet right now.

Growing a beard is not for the faint of heart. there are awkward stages galore and some days it's all you can do to stop yourself from grabbing the clippers and shaving it all off. Or even worse... you try and shape it up yourself only to carve chunks out and make it look like you were attacked by a lawnmower. Trust me... some things are better left to professionals.

Today I'm gonna give you some basic tips on how you can take care of the flyaways and get your beard looking decent without trimming it at all.

If You are looking for the products I used find them here



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I've recently begun watching your videos as I've been free-styling my beard and found myself in a bind, your shaping videos really helped me understand what it means having a beard. I never had a dad to show me, so this has been truly helpful, thanks a lot!

Author — @FidosWideWorld


This is the sort of video beard routine so lacking on all other channels! Natural is so much easier & I don’t really understand those that trim all the time/laser lines! Well done 👏

Author — @Wallaby1961


I look forward to getting my grooming order to start my new grooming journey to a better, hopefully, beard. Thank you as always for your great advice and time taken to share with us all.

Author — @Simon_Hawkshaw


Awesome video, thanks. Your shaving off and 4-week shape up videos inspired me to grow a first-time beard at the age of 35. Now just passed the 1 week mark and waiting patiently for that 3-4 weeks shape up. What would be awesome to get a grip on is how would you see the time past that first shape up milestone for someone who would want to grow a full beard (something like you had before that total shave off). What weekly/monthly ? schedule of maintenance to keep for it to grow but at the same time maintain a composed look if possible ? How to get from 4 weeks to 6 months and further.

Thanks again and cheers from Poland :-)

Author — @10YearstoBadwater


Hello Matty. Im about 3 months in now growing my beard, thought i wanna give it a try. wanted to tell you that your vids helped and helps me alot with understanding the way of the beard !
So thx alot for the info and brilliant explaining. #highfive from Denmark

Author — @mortenregnarsson5698


So, I have waves of interest in a beard where I'll grow a different style out for a while, then go clean shaven for a while.

That said, this time I actually wanted to try to stylize a beard, and this channel is giving me a ton of very important info about that, so thank you. :)

Author — @TonytheCapeGuy


@Matty Conrad - Love your videos. There are millions of us sporting the dreaded "horseshoe" of male pattern baldness. Would really like to see a video giving advice on how to deal with changing your style as you get older. Is there a graceful way to deal with the horseshoe or just embrace it and shave it all? What shape of beard to sport with a new bald head? Are there any guidelines to choosing a beard style based on things like head shape?

Author — @z33r2


Matty, you're honestly the best with beard advice. Thanks broski.

Author — @hershin


Matty, I'm picking out beard products tonight (wash, oil, balm) and would like a 2nd fragrance-free set that will not upstage my colognes (serious collector here). Leave-in products (oils and balms) concern me more. If no unscented brands come to mind, perhaps one with a much lighter scent, that leans citrusy/grassy, rather than oriental/spicy/amber/woody? So: Products for cologne days, and non-cologne days (or stay at home days). Victory Wash is already in my cart and if I find an unscented version, or brand idea, I'll repost here.

While you're at it, any cool product ideas that work together for bearded cologne aficionados?

(Is Victory Wash really that black...?!)

Author — @LoudCitizen


So I’ve been growing a chin beard for about six months and it’s about 6-8 inches long. I’ve cut down to bare skin on my cheeks. I want to grow a full beard. Should I cut my chin beard off and grow everything out uniformly/together for a better look or is there a way to do this without having to chop off what I currently have?

Author — @isaacandrewerickson


Good video, sir. Question please....What (if anything) do you do to dry your underbeard (neck beard)? For me, that's the curliest, hardest-to-control part of my beard. Thanks, and keep 'em coming please!

Author — @JRBox-ls2od


Me being a teenager who can only grow side burns and a thin moustache, this is so satisfying to watch.

Author — @merwinbenny3550


My beard tends to grow toward the rear of my jaw. Brushing or combing the sides down does not work as it grows back. Any suggestions or are there beards that simply grow that direction. Is there a different technique for trimming. I really like your channel.

Author — @bellsj1


Man if I could make the trip down to Van, I'd love to get your advice. Sometimes growing up without a dad makes things a little more difficult than they should be.

Author — @roughgalaxy7990


Saw you on the gq video. This is super helpful. Glad you opened up your channel. Looking forward to more content.

Author — @Oz1111


👋 Hi, Matty! Nice, to see your beard getting longer again 😀😎👍

Author — @BlueSky-ub4fx


Ty, these tips really help out a lot! :)

Author — @lukaskrabec5236


Legend Matt, another cracking VT. Keep them coming dude ✌️

Author — @gavindownes2953


Okay, now you've done it. I just found Victory's Super-Dry weightless hair texture paste. I've been asking barbers about a product like this for ages and none of them knows sh!t. I have super-fine, really gorgeous, medium-length blond grey hair (by far my most complimented feature). Does this product do what I think it does? Keep fly-away hair groomed and under control without a wet-look -- nice and natural and a bona fide matte (or matty) finish?

Author — @LoudCitizen


I love this channel helped me out alot with my beard game

Author — @ernestopulido7462