Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis. Mission 36 'Escape from Prison'

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Best game ever.

As a teenager I dreamed of a war simulator likr OFP but never imagined that one day would become a reality.

Author — Luis Pacheco


Such an awesome mission.... if you don't take action eventually they load you in a UAZ, take you out to the middle of nowhere and execute you

Author — GZA036


It was so awsome, escaping by chopper

Author — Louis Kelemen


A novel way of completing the mission indeed. I followed the strategy guide that came with the GOTY edition which had on commandeer a BMP :)

Author — PartiZAn18


LOL, i didnt used the Heli, i walked XD

Author — FluffyHashChannel


when I played ths mission I  recall piloting the Hind t an US army base.

Author — Smoke Jaguar


Did you add some mods I don't remember the AK sounding like that in the game and I definitely don't recall there being two BMP's in this mission, just the unoccupied one. 

Author — Coolins335