What If You Ate the Spiciest Pepper in the World?

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What If You Ate the Spiciest Pepper in the World? 5

It can make you sweat, cry, and even send you to the hospital. This is the Carolina Reaper, the world's hottest pepper. What would happen if you ate one of these whole? Or what about 1,000 of them? What makes this pepper so hot? How many can your body handle? And can you survive something like this?

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Imagine how they poop after eating a lot of it

Author — Elwyn Muñoz


What if: Carolina Reapers in your eyes can lead to blindness

Military: let's spray something even hotter directly into your eyes for training.

Author — Gene Jost


“how many can your body handle”

me: -1

Author — The Stinky Wonk


Short answer: You die

Long answer: you die painfully

Author — Nathan S


Me:try to sleep
What if: what happens when u ate spiciest pepper in the world
Me:I need

Author — MUFFY99


Me: *Sleeps during the class*

Carolina reaper: *I don’t think so...*

Author — Scar IV


Video: What if you eat the spiciest pepper.
Indians: ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!! It's a kind of sweet flavour.😂😂😂

Author — Chavi Gupta


No body:
Literally no body :
Pornstars at the end of video: 4:47

Author — DJHarsh Boss


"What if you Ate the Spiciest Pepper?"

*Yujiro Hanma:* Might be worthy challenge ( ಠ ͜ʖಠ)

Author — Duchi


*What if* : what is you eat a corrolina reaper

*me* : why would someone do that

*Inner me* : should I give it a try. But where would I find one



Spice exists
Indians:- allow us to introduce ourselves.

Author — Aryan Sharma


Swedish: I’m going to die
Indian: Yum

Author — The MonsterVerse Fan


Me: *eats Carolina reaper*
My brain: *do it again*

Author — The Spider


Dear stranger whoever reads this,
you're such a beautiful human being.

Author — Karthik Gaming


Please do what If every continent was a planet

Like this so he sees

Author — Initials M.A


0:12 now i know where the meme came from.

Author — Tinu Jijo


That crunching sound whenever someone eats a pepper tho

Author — Avik Jakhmola


See children “ lectures the alien head mistress” the human is eating pepper again

Author — Add Money


Whenever he says *"Pepper"*

The photo of Pepper Potts would show up in my mind.
*Am I addicted to Marvel??*

Author — Big Smoke


"What If You Ate the Spiciest Pepper in the World?"

I could handle it. I'm an Indian, I love very spicy food. 😎

Author — Rishi