Britain's Got Talent Season 8 Finals Darcy Oake Magician Illusionist

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Britain's Got Talent Season 8 Finals Darcy Oake Magician Illusionist 5


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This is the most elaborate way to take your shirt off

Author — RideTheBear


Idc if this was fake or not this guy knows how to present his act amazingly

Author — Eugene jewell


The music and images/videos in the background made me cry because it showed his entire life, and it could have all disappeared in an instant.



The key to all these reality shows is not just to win but rather make people notice what you do. Darcy didn't win but who cares. He got exposure and there are a lot of people out there who took notice. The end result is do what you love to do!

Author — Cliff Riley


I thought I was going to have a hart attack but he did so well! 

Author — cylea grace


Darcy is my favourite magician_ I love how he present his acts..very entertaining👏

Author — DJ Pitz


Omg that scared me he is putting his life on the line but he is talented

Author — Ana Renderos


Everytime I watch this, my heart aches

Author — -Jordan Renee-


I don't care whether that jacket was real or not, but his performance was incredible, I totally liked it.
Good job Darcy Oak

Author — Mobin Nawabi


Ok so here's what I REALLY liked about this video:
1. Darcys escape act. Even though it is meant to build tension rather than be a simple stunt, he did it perfectly. The timer usage with the 10 second interval red flash that constantly brought back home the fact that he was racing against the clock helped to build up this tension perfectly.
2. The act itself. He put forth a good, authoritative stance, about the straight jacket itself, along with the timer and bear trap. It gave the audience the sense that he knew what he was talking about and thus would not look closer (Which is the point by the way).
3. The video montage. When he opened the video with the 60 seconds of life, then used a montage of his early life, along with his exploits to date, this illustrated quite well the theme he was going for. It felt movie scale in the presentation and timing with.
4. The Music. Gravity by steven price, the capstone of a movie about a woman who survives a terrible ordeal, emerges with a new lease on life, and a willingness to tackle whatever exploit after having been through the proverbial fire, really served to illustrate the theme he put on. All of these combined to make an exceptional showing of an otherwise run of the mill kind of exploit.

 And that's really what matters. He used theatrics to brilliant effect. If there weren't so many musical talents (This is my own personal opinion and while I recognize their talents, it disappoints me a little to see them constantly winning while all the other talent gets shunted to the side) I am ertain that he would have taken the win. 

Author — Storms and Saugeye


I was really disapointed with the result he deserved the 1st possition:(

Author — Salman Amanullah


I fall in love with him. He so cool
I can't let my eyes out of the show. 
He did it very excited. Amazing guy ! You are handsome. Your six pack make me melt. lol

Author — Baby thief In the ground


Darcie is amazing i think he should keep his dreams and do more magic make his own tv show

Author — bigshotcupid591


LOL! when she said Mr. Darcy...It reminded me of the man from the movie Pride and Prejudice. XD

Author — KarlaRockangel


This guy is incredible. It's not about the tricks, though they are really cool, it's about the way he does them. You can tell he relaxes the further into the act he gets, the thing itself makes him happy to do. Don't trash a guy's work because you don't like it. He's invested in this trick, and we should respect that.

Author — Joke Life


OMG, everyone is so smart here in the comments! They actually figured the whole trick out and proved it to be an illusion! I wish I can be as smart as you guys when I grow up!

Author — Vinicius


Love the lack of arrogance. Great job, Mr Oake!

Author — Justin Addison


I wanna know what the music is in the background while he's doing the escape

Author — Speedy Mcnichol


Imagine if men said to female auditions "Best thing you took off your clothes"

Author — CJ Mattias


At 2:44 that gives me chills every time and makes me cry almost to hear that clock go down like that wow man wow 😧😧😧😩😩😩

Author — Jesse bravo