Police officer pranks phone scammer

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Police officer pranks phone scammer 5
A North Carolina police captain played games with a scam caller after receiving a call from a purported police detective trying to get her personal information.


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💬 Comments on the video

I really wanted her to say she’s an actual police officer.

Author — Erica D


So fake, they can’t hide the big India accent 🤦🏻‍♂️

Author — arilikeme


I screw with them all the time... then tell them I am already in jail so PLEASE send someone to get me lol

Author — carolyn o'pry


the 25 dislikes are other scammers that got mad cuz they failed

Author — David Johnson


The people on the other line all have Indian (from India) accents. #1 red flag right there

Author — MIND over MS


Sad thing is this works when its a elderly person answering and they take them for everything, when will something be done about these rats!

Author — Jesus Christ


i got a call spammer like that. i just gave the main headquarters address of F.B.I. in D.C. Well that fool hunged me up. lol

Author — Fitzgerald Piamonte


Hi I'm officer John Doe, please give me all your bank details

Author — Chat With Chi


Sounds like these guys got their names out of a crayon box.

Author — David Valencia


You can especially tell it's a scam when you hear other Indians in the background scamming other people

Author — Matthew Fox


Anyone who wastes the scammers time is a hero to me. Thank you!!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸I love how mad they get when you interrupt their stupid script!! 😂😂😂😂

Author — Diana Balboni


Omg is this scammer stupid or what, he is talking to a police officer. She is a cool police officer,

Author — Tatijana Caldrmoska


An Indian guy named John Black eh??? That's like finding a white guy named Dashawn Ferguson 😂😂😂

Author — fzsd ktx


I have never needed subtitles so badly lmfao

Author — Patrycja Zdunek


Did he just say that the phone call was recorded by the department of( not good things)??

Author — rj zander


“In the next 45 minutes....you will....be get...arrested. Ok?”

Author — Joe Snaffer


A scammer once called my mom telling her she had a computer virus and to get rid of it she had to give her personal information the funny thing is she doesnt have a pc for over a year

Author — 707


Damn Indian man with the name “John black”

Author — N I C O L E


The second biggest crime was recording vertically

Author — Kevin Kwok


I'm canadian, I've never been to the states, I've never worked for any American companies, but for some reason the "IRS" keeps calling me saying I owe them fifty grand and the fbi is coming after me.

Author — Lori Beth