'Multiple fatalities' at Texas mall shooting

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'Multiple fatalities' at Texas mall shooting 4.5
Area residents are being urged by local law enforcement to avoid the area north of the I-10 highway area in east El Paso.

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Is it just me or is there a new shooting every week these days.

Author — Choy Sum


people do not be afraid to go out... do not trade in freedom for safety, to be stripped from your freedom is as good as being dead

Author — Jugs


Black, unarmed guy, sells cigarettes. No one injured... Killed.

White, armed guy, with large gun kills 19 people Arrested.

Amerigun justice.

Author — Milford Ra'Shawn


School shootings have now become
Back to school shootings SMH. R.I.P.

Author — Art Vein


Once again another mass shooting and once again the same response from our government *yawn*. Told ya they won't do anything until one of their relatives is a victim!

Author — David Wislowski


When I was younger huge crowds and going out in public never once bothered me. Now days I find myself staying home more and more. Too many unstable people out there.

Author — J ROZAY


As painfully honest I'm gonna say this, this world is mad and it will stay that way.

Author — The Weeb


Officials ask you refrain from posting videos. Send them to us, we'll air them. Sigh.

Author — adriana arbogast


2:00 that women got shot and not screaming

Me: sees a small wasp and has a full mental breakdown

Author — Ahmed Games


It’s just so sad how one person can do so much damage and it’s catastrophic how this keeps happening

Author — Frida Isabella Caldera-Cordero


Everyone might as well stay in the house...

Author — Leslie Keith


this is my home town and please pray for us😞❤️

Author — ali


18 people woke up this morning and decided to go out and do a little shopping for the the things they need.
While minding their own business and looking for a bargain some idiot came along and rob them of their lives.Robbed families of their loved ones.Numerous others doing the same were also shot at and are in the hospital, injured.
Now in this election atmosphere, expecting to see more democrats fight vigourously for gun control and banning of assault rifles which have no place outside of the military.Do not let these 18 lives go down in vain.

Author — bubu joo Estes


Zionazi plot to destroy America same they did to Germany and Palestine..time to drag them out the WH

Author — freedom fighter


My prayers go out to victims, 1st Responders & witnesses 🙏😢😢😢

Author — Julie Mitchell


Is it weird that I scrolled down my YouTube feed and seen this video and didn't think much of it? As if it was normal... what's wrong with me? Or should I say what's wrong with the world 😣

Author — King of Youtube


This is why we need less gun free zones and more people concealing guns in public areas

Author — Luke Green


I thought every body in Texas was strapped! Where was the good guy with a gun at to stop all this?

Author — NerdStone01


He said the woman was covered in blood. Did anyone see her? I know I didn't

Author — Hip Hop Junky Radio Show


Many people in these video images do not seem overly concerned about whatever is going on.

Author — Jerry Samuels