India seeks to tighten control over Kashmir and Jammu

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India seeks to tighten control over Kashmir and Jammu 2

India's parliament voted to reclassify the state of Jammu and Kashmir as a union territory, giving the government in New Delhi greater authority over the country's only Muslim-majority region.
Tens of thousands of additional Indian troops have been deployed into the already heavily militarized region to head off unrest, and several prominent politicians have been placed under house arrest.
The region remains in lockdown amid a communications blackout, with landline connections, internet and mobile coverage all suspended.

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This video is hilarious at so many levels - full of lies, misinformation and propagandist. No wonder CNN is fake news.

Author — priestrules87


Who is watching after failure attempt of Pakistan internationalise Kashmir

Author — meow Rockzzz



Lying blatantly on an international television

Author — Bon appétit


Hilarious. CNN, please interview Christine Fair regarding South Asian affairs. Why Pakistani Highcommisioner?

Author — Neelu Bhandari


I see lots of Islamic terrorism in the coming future

Author — Snake Plissken


Prepare yourself...The comments are going to be a warzone

Author — Swadhin Nayak


Why the anchor dress like Soviet Union era anchor

Author — JAviation


Google massacre/exodus of Kashmiri pandits

Author — Rahul Bokke


it would have seemed a bit fair if you had also called someone to keep indian point of view.
No wonder trump calls you all fake news

Author — plank god


You need to Improve the quality, pick independent speaker, make balanced discussion

Author — Arun Singh


Hey, CNN
Just ONE Concern, Should be Invited such a person who's Independent, n Special Study in Indian Politics. So that BOTH Perspectives are thrown, instead of just ONE'S.
It sends Wrong Message.

Author — Vishal Salagaray


Archeology shows Indians in Kashmir thousands of years before the youngest of all major religions only couple hundred years old
Were even around.

Author — Shannon Lee


Multiple reports are saying that Fake News anchors were having sex with corrupt FBI agents for illegal leaks ???

Author — G Channel


I suggest CNN to learn and research history of Kashmir

Author — sairam batte


USA i think u forgot 9/11 because the country behind that was this person's country whom you are listening without hearing the other party.

Author — Ajay Chauhan


2 months later, CNN got exposed for pumping propaganda news.

Author — Theindian Aquascaper


Where is the story of Australia's oil supply? They have less than 30 days and cant refill it because of the problem at the straits of Hormuth. They are begging USA for oil from its strategic supply. Why no news story from cnn on that one?

Author — Last777 Revenant


Guess who caused all this mess? Great Britain and they’re going through the same colossal mess with Brexit. They left India in haste, having plundered it and then gave birth to Pakistan and the icing on the cake, leaving Kashmir ambiguous.

Author — RS2002


It's not fair, you should have heard both perspectives, or the one who's independent!

Author — Saurabh Mishra


Q: which country most minorities "killer" in the name of democracy ??
A: india😱

Author — Shafi Safi