Prog Metal Essential albums with Dan Briggs (Between the Buried and Me) | LOCK HORNS (archive)

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Join us for the live stream of LOCK HORNS, a weekly live streamed show debating the various genres of Banger’s Metal Family Tree.
Episode Six: Prog Metal features host Sam Dunn and special guest Dan Briggs of Between the Buried and Me.

We'll be reading your comments in real time throughout the show but you can start the debate now in the chat: let's update the Prog Metal branch with the those important bands that were overlooked plus the newest acts in its evolution. What are the essentials? Ready? Fight!

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34mn to talk about prog metal? That's like 1 song.

Author — Maximus


Since this aired, Haken earned it's place with Affinity.

Author — JP Hebert


Really surprising to me that a prog-guy like Dan Briggs hasn't heard of Watchtower! Ron Jarzombek (guitar player and the principal creative force in the band) is an absolute living legend. He was doing BTBAM level stuff back in the 80s for Christ's sake. Dan, (and anyone else who doesn't know) do yourself a favor and check out Ron's solo stuff in Spastic Ink, and his other project Blotted Science. It's mind-bending stuff.

Author — databloom70


I'm surprised nobody mentioned Threshold. They are an amazing prog metal. Close to power of course. Even Darkwater should be added. Ayreon also. Winds as well. Even Myrath which are prog with folk elements.

Author — Shajen Mackay


I am going to make an argument for Enslaved, black metal's answer to death metals Opeth. They went from pure 2nd gen black metal to some very interesting proggy extreme metal. They have themes, concept albums, complicated parts, and are amazing. If not this list, then extreme prog metal for sure.

Author — metaleer1979x


Ayreon is as prog as it gets. I would classify it as prog rock ... They need to be on the list.

Author — Ehrlich Arenthall


Sam should dig deeper & same thing to Briggs: Shadow Gallery, Crimson Glory, Heir Apperant, Lethal, Angra, Threshold, House Of Spirits, Psyco Drama, Mystic-Force, Cynic, Sieges Even, King's X, Enchant, Garden Wall, Mayfair, Jester's March, Magellan, Believer, Crises, Eternity X, Vanden Plas, Depressive Age, Superior, Soul Cages, Mekong Delta, Communic, Titan Force, Divine Regale, Lemur Voice, Lord Bane, Leviathan, Galactic Cowboys, Seventh Wonder, Eldritch, Labyrinth, Zero Hour, Circus Maximus, Theocracy, Without Face, Balance of Power, Anacrusis, Withem, Pagan's Mind, Liquid Tension, Voyager, Experiment, Darkwater, Aghora, Vision Divine, Evergrey, Conception, Ascension Theory, Psychotic Waltz, Oceans Of Time, Andromeda, Xerxes, Prototype, Scenario, Spastic Ink, Payne's Grey, Ihsahn, Sons of Apollo, Ivory Tower, Aeon Zen, Soild Vision, Control Denied, Manticora, Redemption, Anubis Gate, Tiles, Blotted Science, Tomorrow's Eve, Majestic Vanguard, Cloudscape, The Codex, Silent Memorial, Echoes of Eternity, Arch/Matheos, Riverside, Thought Chamber & Orphaned Land.

Author — Bryan Robbins


Love Gojira, but I really don't agree that they're Prog Metal. In fact, I don't even know what they are. They're just awesome.

Author — Jansen Haneline


Ne Oblivsicarious is a amazing band should be the future of Prog Metal



stopping flows of thought that "are too longwinded" with a bell is stupid. It hinders the creative and critical thinking process and creates an artificial attention span

Author — SM


Coheed and Cambria should probably be in there own genre of progressive music. Each album sounds different and each song on an album has different sounds inspired by different genres. Progressive alternative is probably best for them

Author — ryan kenyon


Happy Mr.Bungle was mentioned! They were amazing and Mike Patton’s vocals are glorious!

Author — Iceyy Turtles


I just checked out Leprous for the first time because of this episode. Holy shit these guys are awesome.

Author — Darth Renn


King’s X is criminally underrated and should be mentioned waaaay more in the prog metal world. “Dogman” is a progmetal masterpiece and if you love anything from pantera to rush to the Beatles you will absolutely love that album

Author — Axl H.


Pink Floyd Needs to be added to Prog Rock

Author — Jack Towers


I know "djent" is probably considered a bit of a dirty word around here, but I think it's worth it's own branch at this point. Periphery, Tesseract and Animals As Leaders etc. have been massively influential, but having them share the same space as with extreme progressive metal bands seems like a bit of a stretch. I'm not a huge fan of the word itself but I'm not sure what I'd call it rather than "djent". The New Wave Of Meshuggah And Sikth Inspired Prog Metal (NWOMASIPM)?

I think it might make sense for this to split 3 branches:

Progressive Metal (think Queensryche, Savatage, Watchtower, Dream Theater etc.)
Extreme Progressive Metal (think Opeth, Gojira, BTBAM, Voivod)
Djent (another name?) (think Periphery, Tesseract, Animals As Leaders, Vildhjarta)

Author — Tortiss


You guys need to start spending at least an hour per episode I think

Author — TheMetalator


Queensryche is so damn underrated. Operation Mindcrime? CLASSIC.

Author — Kill Everyone


a great band that's always stayed interesting is The Contortionist. especially looking at their current discography they've always been consistent with delivering a solid Prog Metal album. They are very talented musicians.

Author — Grimmness93


I'd say the fact Devin Townsend exists in his own genre is exactly why he belongs in the Progressive Subgenre more than any other. =P

Author — The Horror Guru