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The inside story of the incredible discoveries and near-misses of the New Horizons mission to Pluto. Dr Carly Howett runs the camera on the space probe that revealed an entirely unexpected world.

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These scientists are so full of enthusiasm and joy under the harshest and most challenging missions. How do they keep optimistic with the perspective that a decade worth of work could be for nothing? It's almost naive as a child's curiosity and a true testament to humanity's hope for a brighter future. Inspiring!

Author — aLex Naturalis


She said it was colder than you could imagine on Pluto - it would've been nice to have a ballpark figure just to know. Incredible work these folks are doing!

Author — AllGoodThingsNetwork


Space is the very essence of the word "beautiful."

Even if I was born too early to sail among the stars, these microscopic glimpses into the cosmic ocean fill me with such awe, I can live with it.

Thank you to NASA and all who turn their gaze upward.

Author — Majora


As a kid seeing what Pluto's surface looked like was one of the things i always wanted to see.I was so excited when the first images came back in 2015, stunning achievement!

Author — Nozyspy


Pluto is beautiful, before this I used to believe Pluto was just a large ice ball since it was far from the Sun. But I was wrong! Also, my dad saw all of the missions of the planets being photographed. This was my first experience of this. Due to it's completely alien beauty and wonders, Pluto is one of my favorite celestial bodies alongside Mars, "I say that because Pluto is no longer a planet." Love Pluto!

Author — Mr. Fossil


It always impresses me how smart and how dedicated those men and women are. Imagine how much pressure they were under, I would be a mess.

Author — Dave E.


Difficult for us mere mortals to appreciate the enormity of this scientific feat.

Author — Ally Morrison


Watching the New Horizons launch live when I was 8 years old kickstarted my obsession with space. Thinking about how all the scientists would patiently wait for nearly 10 years until getting even just a picture, was mind blowing to me.
I’d nearly finished high school when it arrived at Pluto, and still hearing stories like these fuels my never-ending passion for the universe.

Thank you Alan Stern and Carly Howett for changing my life

Author — George Cary


So cool, I hope we get to see more of pluto soon!

Author — Paskeros


The segmentation of the smooth surface almost looked like plant cells that I looked at in science class. beautiful. Would love to have an hd live feed that holds in its orbit.

Author — Edwin Miller


What a privilege to watch these beautiful clips/pics! Life and Universe are truly mesmerizing!

Author — Jack OO


Just being able to observe and see clear pictures of a planet that is so unfathomably far away from ours is definitely cathartic. It reminds me of how small we are in the grand scheme of things.

Author — sovereign254


Oh god, I just remember that day. And those very detailed images from Pluto. They are so amazing <3

Author — Pulstar


It's amazing to see what science can achieve

Author — C C


I'm so grateful to be alive at a moment in time where we able to see this wonderful disk in such great detail

Author — OutOfAHat


Here again after they’ve discovered ice volcanos.. what a time to be alive I am forever in awe.

Author — Kiara Smyth


The lava lamp ocean of Pluto is still very mind blowing to me, one of the best NASA mission, IMO, together with Cassini

Author — rochelimit's hangout


Absolutely beautiful shots and immersive demonstrations ⭐

Author — Aphoria - Cohesive Listening


I love that they are being mindful that probes can be harmful to habitats. makes me very happy.

Author — Splint Meow


I remember doing a research paper on Pluto as a kid. Being the fastest and smallest planet. But then scientists said Pluto was no longer one. 😞 Regardless of what people think, Pluto will forever a planet in my heart. Justice to make Pluto a planet again.😤

Author — Justino TV