[ATC] Aer Lingus MAYDAY Fire indication & engine shutdown on takeoff from Dublin

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[ATC] Aer Lingus MAYDAY Fire indication & engine shutdown on takeoff from Dublin 4.5
Flight EI-145 had just departed Dublin en route to Los Angeles when the crew reported the problem.

There were 252 passengers and a crew of 16 on board.

The crew of the Airbus A330-200 jet continued towards Shannon reporting an issue (fire warning and smoke seen) with one of the aircraft’s two engines.

The airport’s own fire and rescue service attended while units of Clare County Fire and Rescue Service from Shannon Town were also sent to the airport along with ambulances from Ennis and Limerick.

Additional units of the fire brigade from Ennis were sent to a designated holding point at Dromoland in case they might be required.

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hahah he nearly got the fighter jets out with that squawk

Author — kenneeeh


Well.... squaking 7500 could've made that a whole lot more interesting.

Author — Leon Gargan


I really liked the professionalism of the ATC controllers (and pilots). Not even a slight sign of stress and very thinking ahead approach from ATC. Irish Airspace is in good hands!

Author — Kauto Huopio


That squawk code though - bet the controller needed a new set of pants after seeing that flash up

Author — TheStrickland94


My sister and husband were on this plane, so glad everything went well they were so terrified !

Author — Sabrina Saenz


Squawk Codes:
7500 Hijack
7700 emergency

Glad that they made a safe landing and then everyone was alright.

Author — RTM


The ATC asks the pilot what his intentions are like he's asking a guy down the pub if he has plans for the weekend. Only an Irish accent can do that 😂

Author — Oisin Buckley


Wow - so glad it turned out well. Handled so professionally by the pilots and ATC. On what date did this occur?

Author — g dc


What an inconvenient time to get hijacked. Brilliant coordination the pilots communicated well despite all they had going on and the controllers were brilliant in giving them plenty of options and not over communicating.

Author — Liam Gardner


Amazing response of the ATC
Skilful and professional
Great job guys!

Author — firstcapt75


What a fantastic example of clear (ok, one mistake over squawk code), calm, efficient communications and real help from ATC (including the discrete clarification of the code ) :compare to the ditching into the Hudson (admittedly a more urgent situation) where ATC simply did not comprehend what was happening .

Author — maninthecab


What a great performance shown by the ATC. It was really impressive how quickly they reacted. Great job by Dublin ATC by giving all the necessary instructions and information so the flight crew could focus only on flying the aircraft. Also, more than great job by Shannon controller for solving the squawk problem. He wasn't screaming on the frequency "are you guys HIJACKED, I repeat HIJACKED???", but played that part like a real pro, so they could confirm presence of hijackers without being compromised. As someone said, Irish airspace seems to be in very good hands. Hats off to all of you, controllers, flight crew and ground staff.

Author — xXOxIdEXx


Great. Thank God. No casualties and no injuries. Great news.

Author — Rory O'Connor


Those are proper controllers. Hats off. 👍

Author — romeocharlie


I love the "Just another day at the office" vibe that the Pilots and controllers give out.

Author — Azriel Elijay


Cool that there is a video about this, i was listening to it on LIVEATC while it happened.

Author — Se. Fischer


From experience that gets u a wonderful look at that Irish countryside.

Author — John


Calm & collective by Pilots & ATC in Both Shannon & Dublin. They should use this transmission to train other crews, ATC on how to be professional durning emergency situations. Well done all involved.

Author — Macy Grey


yesterday around 19:00 was a emergancy in Dublin with Ryanair during landing, pax felt sick with ambulance 😉

Author — HDrelive


Listening to a lot of these, I can't help, noticing how Aer Lingus crews and Irish ATC handle these issues far better than other nationalities. And no, I'm not Irish! 😁

Author — Andrew Emery