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An accurate depiction of life in the Zone.

Roadside Picnic (English Translation):

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The fact that the Slav meme got me into this guy, then this guy got me into roadside picnic, then Roadside Picnic got me into the Stalker movie, then the Stalker movie got me into Tarkovsky, which got me into Soviet film, is incredible.

I want to thank the Academy... The Sseth Academy of Child Soldierhood.

Author — Neord


As a Slav myself, i thoroughly enjoyed the little slavic references and was impressed by the Westerner's great knowledge of slavic culture and history. Spasibo bolshoe.

Author — Dan


"For westerners Stalker is a game a bout surviving a harsh unforgiving place where there's noone to help or rescue you, human contact is limited and you are left isolated from the outside world.
For slavs Stalker is a simulation of everyday life, surviving a harsh unforgiving place where there's noone to help or rescue you, human contact is limited and you are left isolated from the outside world."
The most accurate review of Stalker.

Author — Drunk Boi


All jokes aside, I remember sinking my teeth into Shadow of Chernobyl fresh out of beating Fallout 3 as I was still hungry for more post-apoc survival RPG. Coming from the Fallout series, known for being a bit more grounded in “reality” (or at least being more believable), that game completely threw me off guard and genuinely fascinated me at every turn. The survival aspects and difficulty of the STALKER series made Fallout look like a kid’s sandbox. The metaphorical vagueness of The Zone, the disturbing creatures found throughout the game, and the unexplainable paranormal anomalies throughout the game both frightened and encapsulated me. To this day, Shadow of Chernobyl remains one of the most memorable games I’ve ever played and I’ll never forget how I felt going into that game completely blind - no guides, no wiki.

Anyway, just wanted to throw in my two cents for the few people out there who haven’t yet played a STALKER game. If you haven’t... do yourself a favor and do so.

Author — R0b0tR0ck


Well stalker 2 is now announced, looking forward to the review from papa sseth and mandalore

Author — AboskusNudem


Sseth: "there's many words to describe the average Russian and bilingual is not one of them"

Me: *dead*

Author — LzMitch


I laughed at your description of how touchy it was and played the game, thinking 'damn, this isn't unstable, he was being dramatic'.

So, my game crashed from eating bread out of a dead mans pockets, and I see what you meant

Author — Ambi Intro


I'm currently reading Roadside Picnic on Sseth's recommendation and it's a brilliant read. I don't like sci-fi novels, but this is fantastic. It's unique in the sense that unlike most sci-fi, it doesn't have a political message behind it, which makes it very, very interesting.

This video doesn't exaggerate in the slightest. I thought "eternal batteries that reproduce asexually" was a haha funny joke. It's real. Jesus.

Upset the game doesn't star Red and instead of guns or weapons he just slaps people and gets called an idiot ginger though.

Author — Possibly Dell Honne


Stalker Anomaly was recently updated to its final version and its like an unofficial sequel to the series that combines all maps while having its own fanmade story mode thats actually pretty good and acts like a continuation of the games. The only bug I encountered in over 100 hours of just exploring anomalies and wiping out military to get their loot to save enough money to buy myself an exosuit, was a memory one, that you can simply fix by clicking on the two options right under the start game button to clear your cache or something. Idk how it works but it does. Highly recommend.

Author — Raquya_.303


Thank you for reminding why I completely repressed the memories for the first STALKER game's entire ending level. I honestly do not know or recall how I got through it.

Author — swahili ranger


Hey Sseth, great review as always, but the fans have proven that the difficulty/damage thing is a myth. In fact on Rookie and Stalker settings the player damage is at 120%. No one knows why the damage is like that. Mystery of the Zone.

Author — xXMapleVodkaXx


a world where stuff like in the outro exists is absolutely worth living in ❤️

Author — pieceofcheese


Your knolwedge of Slav culture and memes terrifies me more than playing the game itself

Author — Alexander Benkendorf


The Monolothic slog (get it...) is one of the most nostalgic parts for me! Though I understand why people dislike it, as it is a huge change of pace from the rest of the game (and you can literally lose a save if you didn't stock up properly and make a save before you leave).

My best memories of Clear Sky were from my first time finishing the game, after fighting my way through the first few waves of Monolith I realized something, I hadn't brought enough ammo for my Vintar BC, and the only weapon I had with any source of replenishable ammo was a fully upgraded hunting rifle (which isn't saying much)... In the end I managed to fight my way through the brainwashed hordes, though it took me a few hours, but I HAD to get headshots on every enemy before they actually had a chance to shoot me as I had also ran out of my healing supplies aside from what I could scrounge off of the corpses. It made for a very intense and memorable experience, and it felt very much in the spirit of Stalker being that I only had shoddy low-grade equipment and was somehow expected to fight groups of enemies equipped with exoskeletons and gauss rifles.

Truly these games are incredible, and I for one am very much looking forward to the upcoming sequel!



Thanks for this amazing review Sseth. It convinced me to buy the games and the novel, Roadside picnic, as well. Although I haven’t finished all the games yet I finished Roadside picnic today and it was amazing. One of the best science fiction books I’ve ever read.

Author — spooky ghost


Can we all just agree this was the best meme of 2018?

Author — BLK MN


I'm surprised how... accurately this catches the engine's fickleness. Even so, these are great games, even in Clear Sky isn't a good piece of software.

Author — chaosshade


As a slav, I am genuinely surprised that you described our lifestyle so well. Maybe there is a little hope for the west in the end.

Author — wakama


As a native Ukrainian, i bless this review

Author — Даниил Азимов


I like how Sseths videos can't even recommend other Sseth videos.

Author — Dark Madbat