UN Peacekeepers vs Large Invasion - ARMA 3 Zeus Gameplay

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UN Peacekeepers vs Large Invasion - ARMA 3 Zeus Gameplay 4.5
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Today the guys expected to go on a patrol and maybe fight some insurgents.. until the sky was filled with paratroopers..

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"large scale invasion" whilst saying it the most calmest way possible xD

Author — Pandauskii


"Today I am Zeus again so you woke up this morning and decided "today I will be an ancient Greek god"

Author — a random guy from greece


In reality Sherman just got bored of the Mission Objective and started placing down a crap ton of units

Author — shalol


This game is super unrealistic

The UN never does anything.

Author — Lingo


Hey just as a tip for the next time you do a similiar "Invasion" type mission. Dont let the UN be the only one defending a country maybe try to let them help out the Local Military (Like CDF etc) Also if you do Paradrops try to not drop them directly above enemies, its well kinda weird, maybe do some more Fly overs with Transport planes and Jets in the beginning "forshadowing" the Invasion. Also as objectives you could let them call in reinforcements (Like Comms are jammed cause Enemy Spec Ops captured Green Mountain) you could also try to set them on their own and have them go to an Evac point (Kinda like in the Arma Campaign if you played it) like have them hear over the radio that Command is being taken down etc. Well these are only some tips hope they can help you with making missions as Zeus (Especially Invasion ones) kinda more immersive for your players. Still loved the video keep up the great work Sherm!

Author — Martin Akesson


Did any of the people on the ground record their gameplay as well. I would love to see this from the ground perspective as well.

Author — Alex Lowmaster


So this is kinda like a FPS version of dungeons and dragons and you're the GM?

Author — Dogmex


"Command for - what even is your callsign"
"I'll accept that callsign"

Author — Brad Wilcox


So wait, is this him being god with actual players in the server?

Im interested

Author — Cudradt


These Zeus videos are great but you seem to take it way to easy on them at times with arty placements or trying to avoid using anything that could just destroy their vehicles. I think they should be working to heal wounded, drag/carry from under gunfire to secure spots and have to deal with a dead or two but that's just in my constructive opinion.

Besides the slight passiveness stated, I always sit here and watch these through to the end!

Author — Daunt_Soul18


Start watching video
Get one minute in
Immediately assume that comments will be filled with "viercals" jokes

Was not disappointed.

Author — Karl P. Horse


You should do another mission where its a full scale invasion and everyone basically dies. And like play as command and roleplay them getting killed and then as they return to an evac base thinking they are safe bomb it till its in ashes and then just a full scale Armored and Air Assault where nobody in can literally survive but the players. the players would have to be forced to go and blend into the civilian population and experience the invasion from that perspective. And there remaining allies and fellow soldiers die in combat if not get executed in public

Author — AWeebPilot WithNoLife


Who decided to put the BMP in the back and the UAZs in the front?

Author — Chaos


- Can you go there and defend it please?

- Uuuuh... yeah...

Author — العربية


Wow, I wish I had been a soldier in that great battle... Very well done.

As some constructive criticism, only thing I thought would have been cool is if you made the guys scared to death by what they're up against. I don't mean the placement of more stuff or something, though; in fact, your placements of everything were really well done, especially for how quickly you were shelling them out. I'm instead referring to the role of "Command." At least for me, I love when my commanders and squad leaders hype up the battle to make it seem more large-scale than it actually is by your Zeus perspective. For example, maybe in the midst of the battle for Zelengorsk, Command mentions that the line at Green Mountain has been broken, thus giving reason for the advance of artillery. The rest of the peninsula is under enemy control, forcing constant orders for fall-back to new positions. The beaches have been stormed, causing a wave of enemies from the south. Just stuff like that. It's cool when commanders fill the troops in on what's going on in the places they cannot see, especially when it creates explanations for what they do see. You were doing that really well for the first half, actually. Obviously, it's ridiculously hard to keep track of everything like you were, let alone insert fancy story stuff constantly. I don't think I could do it, but you appear to be skilled enough at Zeusing to be able to really create a good story-rich experience. Heck, you probably already are doing what I'm mentioning well in other Zeus missions. I'll just have to watch your other Zeus videos and find out. I'm kinda excited cause I'm learning a lot just from watching you. It's clear you know what you're doing, I just thought I'd put in something that I noticed. Granted, I only noticed it because I was watching from the non-stressful safety of hindsight. I'm sure the guys in that group were too freaked out trying to survive to notice; I know I would have been.

Anyways, sick video. I was kept interested the whole time and I wasn't even in the battle. Sure wish I get you as a Zeus someday.

Author — Larrs 22


Sherman, I can't find any good realistic servers like you guys do, any suggestions? I prefer modded ARMA not vanilla.

Author — 30 year old Boomer



Author — PriorityLethal


Idk whats supposed to be the Issue with russian vehicles beeing part of These UN troops. I mean a lot of UN Nations use russians Material.

Author — Smart LP


28:47 “a n o t h e r s e t t l e m e n t n e e d s y o u r h e l p”

Author — Eli


kruger sounds like a blend of Vin Diesel and Tom Hanks... good voice/10 would listen again

Author — Matthew Barb