★ ArcheAge ★ - Part 1: Forgotten Dream Ring

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The Dream Ring is an item that gives Stamina +40 & skill damage +3%. This is how you can start on the questline. Details are in the links below.

0:10 1. Starting the Quest
The first thing you will have to acquire to start the quest is a drop item from Sirothe The Infernal in Serpentis. Serpentis is the 10 man raid instance located on Auroria.
To access Serpentis you must first complete the quest Entering Serpentis. This quest is given by Lerman at the lost serpent ruins in Exoloch and is completed by crafting a Distorted Portal Stone at a Distorted Dimension Workbench Located in the Lost Serpent Ruins in Exoloch. You will need:
1 Anya Ingot
1 Chill of Eternal Winter, and
1 Blue Salt Hammer.
The boss will drop the Mysterious Gem.

0:23 2. Gentle Whispers
To complete this step simply speak to Archeologist Jeisson in Rookborne Basin.

1:33 3. The Evenbards
Next, you will need to find an Evenbard. They spawn in almost every major city between 20:00 and 8:00 server. For the western faction:
- Samion spawns in Marinople,
- Samunin in Golden Fable Harbor, and
- Samiel in Crescent Throne.
For the East
- Aragi in Caernord,
- Nirha in Lutesong Harbor,and
- Yariz in City of Towers.
They can have up to 3 spawn locations per city and may not even spawn in the city each night. I suggest doing /target {insertname} to find them.

2:15 4. The Daru's Gem
To complete this step, simply speak to Blacksmith Buruli in Halcyona.

2:59 5. The Sunken Tome
Grab some Dahuta's Bubble(s) and go diving at the Sunken Island South of Freedich Island.
All of the mobs have a chance to drop the Dream Ring Creation Quest Item.
Turn in into Blacksmith Buruli in Halcyona for the first stage of the ring; Forgotten Dream Ring.

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Omg Im re-watching your video after six years (and 4 years out of the game) and this bngs have got me so nostalgic as well as the whole video did 😍

I miss AA so much as it was in its start, nowadays Ive heard its not worth anymore

Author — 김형식


Thanks for the video's, your guides rock and they are the best.

Author — Ricky Sutherland


Time to do this on fresh servers now, Remember to look for jars and chests (dahuta's followers drop the keys) to farm the Eternal Defiance & Eternal World while at it.

Author — Fede Romano


Just wanted to say that I appreciate all you do for us <3

Author — s j


yep been at it for hours myself still cant get em to drop one :( Great guide though, there always really great xD. Ill get it eventually i hope :)

Author — Journeysent


Tired of killing Dahuta's followers.Its easier to buy an ayanad mythic ring by gold.

Author — Doom Wraith


ah thanks for this video ayin :D i been wondering how to get this :O

Author — siv yig


On dahuta followers I'd spend like 38 minutes till drop :S

Author — Vik


Has this info changed after the 2.0 update? Because I went through 7 dahuta bubbles at the part where you have to farm the Dahuta followers and I still got nothing :/

Author — Rukia


The sunken tome the 5th quest, i killed a lot dahuta's follower but none dropped the quest item lol.

Author — Danny Wu


hi Ayin why you not making new AA videos.. pls do some more pls

Author — Jaylson Almeida


i Think they changed the Quest now... i dont have to go to the Archeologist

Author — Ycol


do u /target then in the chat window or how dose that work?

Author — Kevin Monahan


in your vidio so easy ti get this ring .
when i kill dahuta folower like 2 hours i didnt get tht item

Author — Fahmi HT