Gen. Keane gives his take on fired Navy aircraft carrier captain

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Gen. Keane gives his take on fired Navy aircraft carrier captain 4.5

Navy relieves captain of aircraft carrier over COVID-19 letter; Fox News senior strategic analyst Gen. Jack Keane reacts. #FoxNews

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So maybe we should remove congress from their positions for giving themselves a RAISE "in the midst of this Crisis"!

Author — Gone Fishing


Yeah... an E-MAIL will get the sailors upset. Not the 100+ known Covid-19 cases in a small encloved environment.

Author — Eke van der Zee


There are many sailors who are already infected with the virus the captain needed to act quickly or else more of his men will get infected and might die

Author — J R


Over a 100? that means EVERYONE is going to become infected that is way too much of a base line of contagion NOT to take immediate and drastic action Im with the Captain on this

Author — Arch Stanton


Yeah, exactly!? Why would a captain do that. Let him talk. Live on TV.

Author — mjoseph70


It's all about OPSEC. You never broadcast to your enemy troop strength.

Author — Dutybound Servant


in other words he stopped the cover up...

Author — JA S


I wonder who will play him in the movie?
Tom Hank's makeup people are going to win an oscar.

Author — Silverfirefly1


It takes the chain of command to long to act, He looked out for his crew we are talking a hero here.

Author — ed samms


Dude was fired for trying to save his crews lives what a bad guy.

Author — raible 95


If only we could hold the rats in Congress to the same high standard.

Author — Blind Squid


From what is being numerous (desperate) requests for the sailors well-being were made with no action. His letter was a last ditch really desperate It cuts BOTH ways.

Author — death2pc


What a refreshing listen to Fox who has someone on with a logical and sequential thought pattern.

Author — Christopher Putnam


To hell with egoistical ranking. Good on this Captain. His chain of command obviously tried to bury this.
Egos is what at issue here. Admiration to this Captain

Author — Anti War


There’s more to this story, and we will find out.

Author — NBF Southern Scratcher


that aircraft carrier being out of`commission should not be front page news!!!!

Author — james endicott


That's called "not falling through the branches, he went right to the trunk". He did what he had to do and all his superiors care about is he made them look bad.

Author — Collin Zaffke


They need to fire everyone he talked to in his chain of command that didn't do anything

Author — Rick Snyder


Politicians 🙄🙄🙄🙄😡😡This captain was concerned about his sailors!🤬 That captain is a leader. I would follow him!

Author — Bat Tru


Does acting secretary of the navy Modly work for Iran? How could
anyone damage the morale of the
Navy more than he just did?

Author — Hal Hosmer