Elle Macpherson's' Chocolate Balls - 20th June 2018

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Elle Macpherson's' Chocolate Balls - 20th June 2018 4.5

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These 2 are as nutty as fruit cakes and absolutely brilliant. 😂😂😂😂😂👏

Author — dave Scopes


When Phil laughs he sounds like a kettle boiling

Author — somedude 2543


I hope holly and Phill never grow up!😂

Author — tanterliser


Only Phillip and Holly would get the giggles over sticky balls

Author — Ethan Gladwell


Reminds me of the "Shvettie" balls routine on SNL...LOL!

Author — David Johnson


Oh what a pair...there has never been such a good pairing before..when they get going it's hard not to join in the laughter..

Author — A Moore


"It tastes healthy" is code for "this is awful" :P

Author — Critical Role Highlights


Id hate to have to do a job on screen where I couldnt say anything tasted like crap.. I had to look like I liked them.

Author — Matthew Pittard


This has nothing to do with this video...I'm in the US and am not able to watch Long Lost Family UK over here. You have always posted the previous seasons and episodes. Is there any chance you will be doing the same with the new season that has started? Thanks for your time!

Author — Heather Hurst


Yes that always plays well on the microphone, making mouth sounds that no one wants to hear. Unprofessional.

Author — James Miller


Is it that funny???? I think Holly is a cocaine enthusiast

Author — Stu D


I hate people smacking their lips, and chewing with their mouth open.

Author — C Burgos


I hate it when the salty balls are too sticky.

Author — Perdido Atlantic


I always cringe when these two start laughing i just cant fucking stand it

Author — john davies


Her squeaking noises really fucking piss me off.

Author — geordiebeach


I would love to put my balls in her mouth.

Author — Lenni Leem


I'd lick Holly till the cows come home may the bastards never return home again

Author — Joseph Mcdonald