Conversations with Matt Damon

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Q&A with Matt Damon. Moderated by Jenelle Riley, Back Stage.

Matt Damon has been honored for his work on both sides of the camera. Early in his career, Mr. Damon won an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay and received an Oscar nomination for Best Actor, for his breakthrough feature Good Will Hunting, which he wrote and starred in with his lifelong friend Ben Affleck and which was directed by Gus Van Sant. He has since reteamed with Mr. Van Sant for Finding Forrester; Gerry, and now Promised Land.

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Wow, this host asks really intelligent and informative questions. This is one of the best "Celebrity Acting" interviews ever.  Well done. 

Author — Women Throwin' Leather


This interviewer is really good. She interviewed Leo too and that was a treat.

Author — kara bella


I adore this man - fabulous actor and all round good guy, The interviewer is excellent.

Author — Lesley M


this interviewer is so enthusiastic. Funny, not ass-kissy, friendly, bless her.

Author — Pseudonymous


I love interviewers who know "this person is interesting....let them talk". Great questions and then time for an answer. Love this series.

Author — Green Binder


I think Matt nailed the action guy role, so many people enjoy the bourne movies because he's not the typical action dude (thank god)

Author — hille422


Really love these interviews. Thanks so much for sharing and to Jenelle for being such a great moderator. Keep em coming!

Author — Edward Lamb


This guy is my hero, nicest & smartest actor working in Hollywood. Always a pleasure watching this man.

Author — Michael Odesanya


I like her, It seems like the actors are relaxed and comfortable with her. She lets them talk.

Author — Victoria Teague


This interviewer is one of the best I've seen. Previously I've watched the DiCaprio and McConaughey interview and she managed all of them incredibly well. Great job!

Author — M E


He is so amazing. Everything he says resonates with me so much I think we might actually be the same person. Except for the fact that I'm a 14 year old girl lol.

Author — Sarah Zaiter


Predicted John Krasinski's career track for the next 12 years and he was definitely on point going 10 years now

Author — popeye697


he actually seemed a little surprised when he recalled what year they had written Good Will Hunting together....that kind of happens when life moves fast as his has done. He is excellent at answering the questions he doesn't seem to have an "answer script" he seems as though he were answering naturally as anyone would in a regular conversation. nice to see a sort of "regular guy" who obviously came from a little bit of privileged background since he did go to Harvard but sounds like he had a well grounded childhood and obviously had to support himself when he decided to go into writing and films. The audience obviously related to his comments as well. thanks

Author — cornishcoves


hopefully more interviewers will learn from this lady. That's how you interview. No. 1 priority - the realisation that people didn't tune in to watch you, the interviewer, they tune in to watch the people you are interviewing. So LET THEM TALK! You can tell the stars this lady interviewed clearly feeling comfortable and really opening themselves a lot when being interviewed by this lady.

Author — Andes Tung


I watched Courage Under Fire and the one thing that stuck with me more than anything was this guy. He was skinny and hideous at the start of the movie, and then in the flashback scenes he looked so different that i didn't even recognize him at first. I was simply awestruck at how much effort he had put into this role.

Author — Deepti Sam


I am a huge Matt Damon fan and find him to be interesting, intelligent, and eloquent.

Author — Julee Bailey


Seems like a really nice guy you can go drink a beer with and have genuinely good time.

Author — PalmDesertRock


The Weinstein comments have aged well lol. Great interview though obviously his crimes weren't as well known then.

Author — Wyatt D


Amazing guy, hes so genuine and smart. Don;t have much of those these days. Great actor...

Author — The Truth14


I love this beautiful woman. Matt Damon is a fantastic actor and a gentleman in life. Blessing to both.

Author — Donatien Chikatilo