Walking American Dream Mall : Second Largest Mall in America

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The American Dream Mall is the second-largest mall in the United States. It has three million square feet of space and includes a Theme Park, Water Park, Ice-skating Rink, Indoor Skiing or Snowboarding, and Mini Golf attractions. This was my first visit to the mall, and I was blown away by how many attractions and stores there were.

Recorded January 22, 2022

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💬 Comments

This mall is amazing! We would never know if it weren’t for actionkid.

Author — Mark Side


This mall was developed by the same people who built the West Edmonton mall in Canada, and follows similar ideas. West Ed was built in the 1980s, and remains as Canada's largest mall to this day.

Author — albback


This mall is a great destination for tourists and staycation for locals. Am glad you showed how easy it is to get there via pubic transportation. Even driving there is easy, since it's right off the NJ turnpike. Will definitely go there again.

Author — Joan Ike


I can't believe how huge this mall is and what it has in it! A water park, theme park, snow inside and all the amazing decore plus the shopping. I am super excited to go there since I have never been to this mall. So happy that it survided COVID. Thank you for taking us on this journey with you, Ak. Hope you had a great time!

Author — Melissa Whitby


My God!! I wish we had this mall in the UK!!
So much to keep the kids entertained!! Its amazing 🎉🎉 I'll definitely be visiting when we come to NewYork in the Autum, your videos are helping us plan our visit, getting to know how the streets run. Keep up these fantastic videos AK👍👍👍

Author — Susie C


The mall was amazing 👏 😍 I'm dying to go and visit there I'm from Pennsylvania and this not to far away from me thanks very much AK for the experience 😀!!!



Visited a few weeks ago. Felt like a ton of empty space, and the layout was super confusing. If I’m just comparing mall vs mall I think I like the Palisades Mall better than this one.

Author — Loompa Oompa


Wow, that was incredible. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Definitely on my bucket list when I next visit NY.

Author — KrissMGvlogs


I'm having a hard time finding out the mall's real vacancy rate, but by your pictures there are large sections with no stores, over two years after it opened. I wonder how many stores have already closed. We'll see how it succeeds over the years, but many malls start to lose some tenants, then more and then some more. Eventually they shut down. Will American Dream be too big to fail? I don't know, but to keep local shoppers coming back, it will have to be a mall where they can shop for what they want with ease. The novelty of a big mall nearby does wear off.

Author — roachtoasties


I would totally go there, for the architecture alone. I was raised in the 80s and we've come a long way. A big day for me was when grandma took us kids to Kmart, ate a donut in the cafeteria, waited for the blue light special announcements and rode the coin operated mini go-round outside the front entrance.

Author — TJ P


You know ActionKid, I've gotta tell you... I can see that Mall becoming one of this country's most monumental abandoned retail spaces within as little as ten years. I just don't see it becoming busy enough and profitable enough to become a viable location in the long term. It just seems like a vast indoor curiosity to me, not something that shoppers will come to consider a necessary replacement for more local merchants, big box outlets, and online shopping.

Author — Carl Howard


Great tour. An summer tour of this mall would be amazing. Hopefully they can fill all those empty store front. It opened right before pandemic which hurt it ability to get tenants.

Author — Dasha Jean


The mall's name is very fitting - American Dream! 🤩 I've never imagined an amusement park, skiing, ice skating rink, and a beach and others being inside a mall! ⛸ 🏖 🎿 Some of the decorations reminded me of the ones from Belligio in Las Vegas. Thank you for showcasing the American Dream Mall, AK!! 🤗 I hope to visit one day! 😎

Author — HengMiao


I have visited the West Edmonton Mall and the Mall of America which feels and looks a bit dated. But this mall looks amazingly modern and futuristic.

Author — Dennis W GTA Realtor


Hi Action Kid! Congratulations for your beaultiful job. One question: do you use the Wide-Angle Lens of the DJI Pocket 2? Or just the normal lens? Thanks

Author — Walking Tour Tv


I'm glad this is one of the few indoor places you're allowed to record at. This one is a gem.

Author — Sebastian S


Thanks AK for the nice tour of American Dream. It's certainly a combination of Vegas&a cruise ship feel....I haven't visited yet, but many I know have. It's a beautiful huge mall, but clearly people will go because of the entertainment there, water park, skating, etc. Sadly, malls will become extinct without becoming entertainment centers. American Dream is lovely, but so much space remains vacant, it's a concern. People heading to this mall just for the water park, are not likely to be patronizing retail stores. I think that's going to be the case&have to question how this huge massive mall can survive

Author — Wendi


Thank you for introducing this mall complex to the world. I never knew it existed. Amazing!

Author — M TC


Thanks for taking me along for the walk. I wouldn't have been able to walk so much likewise. Probably would've sat at starbucks or something and just eat and drink. Love it.

Author — Denise Nguyen


Excellent tour even though the full coverage could take a week, there were so many cool stores and things to do, like the waterpark, mini colf etc …. Just to out mention even a few ! I’ve been in huge malls before like the Sawgrass Mills Mall in Fort Lauderdale but this American Dream Mall outbeats it, outstanding, awesome and all !!! You can defenitely call this mall a DREAM with the capital letters 👍Thank you A K for sharing such an ultimate adventure 👍!!!

Author — Jari Hult