RC ADVENTURES - NEW Capt. MOE & the AquaCraft Rescue 17 Fireboat RTR 'SCALE BOAT'! #ProudParenting

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I love being a Dad! Spending some quality time with my son Maurice (morris) - today we break out the Aquacraft FiRE RESCUE 17 Boat! Maurice has been eyeballing this boat all winter.. and is finally old enough to give it a try. This is his first attempt at piloting a boat this big - but Dad thinks its the perfect speed for a little RC ADVENTURER!
He needed some help sometimes, but I was very proud of him as he sped across the open water, learning how to use a dual stick controller. This is a challenge for adults when they learn, let alone a young fella - but he is picking it up very quickly. Soon, he will be out there racing speed boats with Dad :) I suggest the radio control hobby for all Dad's and Sons out there, if possible. It's a great way to spend a family afternoon, puttering along in a Silly Toy Boat, Laughing at Silly Jokes! What better way to spend an afternoon!?


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THANK YOU FOR 70 MILLION VIEWS!! WOW! Maurice and I are so happy you enjoyed the show :)

Author — RCSparks Studio


Great job there Pop!!! A+ for living right!!!

Author — Bruce


Great stuff I can remember my early days in "R/C" before there were radios I still I have my dads first nitro plane engine from that time. We are talking tethered planes with ribbons for dog fighting. My first RC car was a black foot I bought from a friend.. Didn't even have a speed controller was a variable resistor switch grease with a massive step down resistor and a heat cage around it. :)

Author — Kevin Jones


Nice video, great to see a father and son having fun with model boats



Man he got big lol. Time flies. Cool boat and he did great!

Author — The RC Element


It’s really good to see father and son playing together! Keep it up brother!

Author — J Bor


Inspirational. I had an RC boat as a child and my father used to teach me how to use it just like this. Wonderful memories.

Author — fizwizzle1989


If you do more videos with moe, you will surely get BILLIONS of views!

Author — BriaN


This bowt is so cool i love this bowt

Author — Alain KHODIDAS


hello, man just wanted to take the time to say your son is growing out quick clad to see both of you having fun together.

Author — Steve Davis


wow amazing i not been to your channel in a long time last time i see you jusy had your lil boy :) amazeing see him grown and working with you :) keep it up amazeing work

Author — Mike fawkes


man he is so adorable! he reminds me of my little bro

Author — Pizza2boss


You are a great dad.... These are the best memories you have made for him

Author — ashish p naik


Not bad 3 1/2 eh! He will be a trades guy for sure

Author — Mangiacake


아이와 함께 조종하는 모습이 너무 보기 좋네요~~미래의 과학자가 될것같습니다.

Author — 도라이버TV-돌리남


It's been awhile since I've been on here your son is getting so big

Author — Travis Palmer


So funny. 😆 guys you're awesome. Cheers 🍻

Author — Bob SH


Kid: I’m strong!

Me: Crap I cant even hold a gallon of milk

Author — Hayden Productions


I have been watching your vids for a while and I finally got my first rc truck! It's the slash 4x4 1/16 by traxxas

Author — Arm Pump


Awesome video on so many levels apart: 1: great rc, 2: family quality time, 3: great video editing . Loved it.

Author — Pankaj Jaiswal