Funny Cats in Water Video Compilation [NEW HD]

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Funny Cats in Water Video Compilation [NEW HD] 4

Funny Cats and cute kittens in Water and Love Swimming. Cats that love water. Watch these adorable cats swim!

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Don't ever think about keeping your cat in water it will drawn and Don't ever do that!!!

Author — Humayun Aslam


İt looks like a funny, I really love cats because they are so cuteeee...

Author — Pervane Asadli


1:10 1:29 through has to be the most hilarious of the entire video of a cat struggling to get free from his bath

Author — German Soldier Karl


2:52 It’s friends be like “Aight, Imma head out.”.

Author — Ēra


For animals that hate the water, they are surprisingly good swinmers

Author — Acheesyboxplane


2:58 The other cats be like: OH NO HE TOUCHED THE DEMON RUN BEFORE WE GET

Author — Andrew Purcell


1:41 What is the name of this music ???

Author — براول هالا Brawlhalla


The demons in my paralysis sleep trying to pull me out of my bed

Author — Juniorrr


0:42 this meow looks like "i want to get out"

Author — Manaf Hassan


People: Awwww so
Cat: This is the worst day of my life

Author — Shinku - Hime


Whoa, looks like the cats are having swimming lesson, and there is more the yellow cat washed her hands before eating cat food

Author — Lanzze Mendoza


Kkmai ai ainda é muito engraçado faz mais vídeos para a gente ver nossa eu tô 5 e 1000 seguidores para você tá bom com 200 300 meus segredos para você ficar rica

Author — Ildes Soledade


1:22 Well, THIS is what a cat scared of water looks like.

The ginger one swimming was not scared tho, he was just wearing the normal facial expression of "Lemme see whom shall I kill next"

Author — AG Coarseman