Skip Bayless can’t handle Stephen A. praising Paul Pierce (2012) | First Take | ESPN Archive

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Skip Bayless can’t handle Stephen A. praising Paul Pierce (2012) | First Take | ESPN Archive 5

Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless react to Paul Pierce’s heroics in the Boston Celitcs’ Game 2 win against the Atlanta Hawks in the 2012 NBA Eastern Conference playoffs. (8:33) Skip and Stephen A. discuss if Kobe Bryant can lead the Los Angeles Lakers to a victory in the Western Conference finals.
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They can hear Molly interrupting from 6yrs in the future.

Author — E


Everytime I see them post a clip of skip and Stephen a, feel disappointed that we'll never see them on TV together again.

Author — Day-me-in Moodley


Just because Paul Pierce be talking reckless on TV nowadays people forget that the Truth used to be a monster

Author — Jordan Davis


“He did the impossible and your not impressed?”

Yup sounds about Skip

Author — Moshé X


the Magic Johnson and Larry Bird of sports media

Author — yassin


Jesus I miss them together. They had great energy a

Author — kefkapalazzo1


"Who's Zaza?" Oh Skip, if only you knew...

Author — Eden Harvey


7:16 Stephen A smith predicted Zaza was going to be a problem

Author — OhhMiami


Funniest part of this whole thing is Joe Budden being the guest of the day

Author — Josh Jones


Man I miss Skip on ESPN nobody EVER calls out Stephen A anymore lol

Author — LR501


Post some 2010-2011 Skip Bayless vidéos on LeBron they used to hilarious “ Chosen one turned Frozen one, LeBrick “

Author — De Luboya


7:09 Oh you gonna know who that is, Skip. A few years later you gonna know...

Author — MrGenexxx


If micheal jordan scores 36 and 14 skip will rate it an 11

Author — Safaa Lalami


Back when espn first take was actually worth watching...

Author — Juan Martinez


paul pierce's game was truly gorgeous. He and bird have the oldest guy game

Author — Mindful Attraction 2.0


Love these old debates, keep em coming! The video quality is super clear as well!

Author — Alpha Grind


We went from watching sports highlights to watching sports talk highlights.

Author — Antonio Mendiola


As a hawks fan, I regret clicking this..

Author — Foot Fondler


Stephen A needs to rehire his barber. Look at his beard now it looks like he does it himself blindfolded

Author — Junior Rebel


The greatest duo in Sports History. Stephen A Smith & Skip Bayless 😭 .

Author — One Piece