Five Below Guitars!? Do They Work?? || Five Below Guitar Review

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Five Below Guitars!? Do They Work?? || Five Below Guitar Review 5
Hi friends! I bought a $5 guitar at Five Below and thought I'd share the un-boxing and review with you! I had recently bought three ukuleles from five below, so I was excited to review and test out the guitar to see if it actually works. Please give this video a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel for more music-related content!!

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I have been trying to find a review of this guitar to see if it worked or not to know if i should buy it, thanks for making this review!
Have an awesome day!😊

Author — Yellow0reos


You should totally get and review the

I think it’s actually a Banjo Ukulele (a ukulele neck with a banjo drum), regular banjos have that odd 5th string

Author — banjo playing bison


Can you do a review on the piano at Five Below

Author — platekingttv pug


i just commented on the uke video, but I see another fatal problem. the frets are way off. the 12th fret is supposed to be exactly midway between the nut and bridge. holding the frets as correct, the bridge should be down at the end of the body. You probably have a 9-tone equal tempered system or something instead of 12.

Author — presidentbyamendment


Can I have the link for the $5 below guitar?

Author — Logan WGCGHR


Na na na gotta tune it like a cigar box guitar

Author — The sprite Is here