When Vishy Anand played the Caro Kann against Nepo | Global Chess League

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Ian Nepomniachtchi opened the game with 1.e4 and generally Vishy responds back with 1...e5. However, on this occasion, he went for the Caro Kann. The Caro Kann is a sharp opening and even though everything seemed around equal, things started to get very exciting in the endgame. Check out the game along with the commentary by IM Sagar Shah.

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Vishy isn't the goat
He is a knight 🔥🔥

Author — @blu_life


Playing at top level in this age isn't a cup of tea for everyone hatts off vishy🐐

Author — @chesstraps11


Vishy just casually pulling up to a chess league and drawing not once but twice at the age of 53 against the guy who came 2nd in the world chess championship. Absolute GOAT 💯

Author — @saviourmusic2


Vishy is equivalent to maldini while defending and pele while attacking

Author — @avadakedavra6706


I’m really enjoying the way you comment the games. I can see your love for it. 🎉

Author — @skylazart


the caro is still rock solid at the top level nice to see vishy use it in his age

Author — @BlitzWizard94


Legend @53 vs 2 times World Championship runner up ... and 2 times World Championship runner up had no option but to Draw the game !! That's says it all about How GREAT VISHY is !!!

Author — @abhayjo


As Anand is a defensive player playing the Caro-Kann makes perfect sense.

Author — @kevinwellwrought2024


Amazing to see Vishy has still got it 😍. Can he enter the WCC cycle again? One last dance, perhaps?

Author — @Lividbuffalo


Loving your commentary! You make the game even more enjoyable to watch and you make many great points along the way! Thanks very much for all your hard work! Vishy Anand is the G.O.A.T.!

Author — @Eyezofdarkfire


I'm russian and I read Ian's mouth and he said: "Why is this pensioner playing so well? He should be participating in the next candidate."

Author — @megafedya1


I have seen Vishy beating Karpov with Caro-Can.
Nothing special than that 😂❤

Author — @MagicSmoke11


This game solidifies Vishy being a legend even more

Author — @survivaloftheidiots6239


Brilliant commentary as usual from Sagar.

Author — @RogerBranch


two of my favorite players :) great game

Author — @yb3604


I just don't get how rarely vishy is mentioned in the greatest of all time convos.

Author — @Brian-ve7ds


only carlsen can beat vishy in such type of end game....

Author — @SHUBHAMSINGH-wf2dj


This game is similar to the last game of Mikhail Tal against Garry Kasparov

Author — @vedanshthakur5901


Caro kann was always my favorite opening

Author — @RavanPablo


Nepo was so unhappy with the draw. He was shaking his head with despair

Author — @haidermohsin