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Today we are coming to you with the full updated MSR Elixir 2 tent review. A couple of months ago we already made a first impressions and technical specs video of this tent, if you haven’t watched it yet make sure to check it out. But today we will be sharing our honest opinion about it, its pros and cons and some tips and discoveries we made after using it the whole season of hiking. So if you are ready to learn all the truth about this tent, stay tuned and let’s begin!

Disclaimer: we don't have any affiliation with the brands and all items mentioned in the video were purchased by our own money.

Where to buy it:

You can purchase the tent on plenty of different camping and hiking gear online stores and depending on your country, they may differ. We bought our tent at this particular store:

Also you can find it here:

This tent comes in dark green and grey colors and it has 1 or 2 person options.

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We hope this video was useful for you and now we want to know what your experience with this tent is and what pros and cons you have found in it, please share your opinions in the comments below it would be greatly appreciated not only by us but also other people who are researching information about it.


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What your experience with this tent is and what pros and cons you have found in it?

If you have any other questions or suggestions - leave us a comment below. We would love to communicate with you!

Author — Walking Nature World


Great video, one of the most comprehensive tent reviews I’ve watched. You have got yourself a new subscriber. Stay safe and happy hiking.

Author — Booshtucker Bob


Just clicked ‘buy’ on this tent and really impressed with your review and some great top tips, especially the storage. Thank you 🙏🙂

Author — DartmoorPaul


Thank you. I was researching this tent and your video helped - I've just ordered one.

Author — James Collin


I really enjoyed your honest review Thank you I have just bought one now and your review helped! Good luck with your channel

Author — Lyndon Smith


really useful and detailed review from real usage over time THANKS!

Author — Steve C-B


One of the best reviews I've seen. Excellent job, guys!

Author — Eis Vogel


Excellent review !! Just ordered this tent XD !! Was wondering what floor mat do you use ? and you think its necessary to have one ? Thank you!!

Author — JGK


So informative! wonderful honest review! 💖✨🏕️

Author — Kirs Tine


Great review and tips - thank you! I ordered 4 person version for my family hiking, let’s see if I can lift it 🙂

Author — maxnorge


Really good video, you two seem really nice.

Author — Callum Leak


Just subscribed! We're super new to the outdoors but we bought this tent and cant wait to use it. Thanks for your review and tips :)
Both of you are so likeable lol will be checking out your other videos as well!

Author — Javis and Lea


Thanks for sharing this video. I have a question. I see that you pack the inner and outer tent separately. Is it possible to erect the outer tent first e.g in the rain and then attach the inner avoiding getting it wet?

Author — John Barry


What the heck :) I'm not talking specifically about this video, but in have made a lot of great videos, but you have very few subscribers. I don´t understand. I myself found your channel only a few days ago while I search videos about Camino Del Norte. Just keep up the good work. All the best !

Author — Toni Mäkinen


Very complete review and nice job putting all the clips together so it flows nicely for watching and listening. Please keep up the good work!

Author — T K


I might just have found my new tent because of you guys! Watched the initial video on it, and your review only made the choice easier :)
I'll be using it on my own for moto-camping but need a 2P tent to be able have my luggage with me inside.

Great video's guys, I subscribed for more! :)

Stay safe,


Author — Riding Is My Medicine


Hi. I’ve set my Elixir up a few times now. Do you manage to get the poles aligning with the seams on the fly running across the top? Really learned a lot from your Elixir videos though, THANK YOU 😊

Author — DartmoorPaul


Thank you for a very nice, informative and well made video. I would like to ask a question I just bought and Elixir 3 for me and my girlfriend to have a bit more space but I am now worried about the weight and size difference with the Elixir 2. What is your opinion?

Author — Martin


looking at the way you set up the tent made me feel dumb.. this makes more sense...

Author — Marten


I agree its the best tent thanks for the great video

Author — Shawn Wilson