Why Did Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Fail?

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Why Did Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Fail? 4.5
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Holy shit for eight years old this game is damn good looking

Автор — Turbanator


This guy sounds like laslow the radio star from the GTA series

Автор — Jacques François


operation flashpoint project reality let's go

Автор — Malcolm Richards


The original Operation Flashpoint was my first open world experience and it blew me away.

One mission stood out for me. US spec-ops mission to eliminate a Russian supply base in town far behind enemy lines. The player was given no path to follow, no hints nor cues, you were just placed with a silenced MP5, pistol, knife and night-vision about 15-20 km from the objective at night. I stumbled north and found my way to a road and waited there. Eventually a UAZ came by so I took out the two soldiers riding in it with my MP5 and stole it. With this I managed to drive within 2 km of the target relatively unhassled. I then got out and snuck into the town.
After silencing most of the guard with pistol and knife, I heard a huge convoy arrive full of soldiers, trucks and a couple of BMPs. I thought I was finished, two hours of mission time wasted (no checkpoints in this game). Then I saw it — an MI-24 sitting in the middle of a lot. I ran across and jumped in, it was both refuelled and armed. I had never flown a helicopter in this game yet but I immediately started her up — I had eliminated all the enemy soldiers in the immediate surroundings and the convoy was fast approaching — I rose up into the air and spotted the convoy for the first time, clumsily manoeuvring the helicopter as I learnt the controls and lined the convoy up for a strafing run. I eliminated most of it in one run and then continued to circle, strafing the town until the objective was complete before flying back to my extraction point on the beach.

This was 15 years ago FFS.

The Operation Flashpoint series has had some amazing people working on it. I really enjoyed Dragon Rising too, especially the squad control and AI. For the first time with that game I sat back and directed my squad, micromanaging the combat. No other game had ever managed before, or since, to pull my away from solo combat and manage my squad. The Arma series wears the crown for modding, multiplayer, community. But Flashpoint is the daddy of today's Mil-sims and many of its features still haven't been bested by its successors.

Автор — Richard Townley


I played through this entire campaign - the campaign was pretty damn short and didn't really take advantage of the scale of the island or the combined arms.

Автор — Alex E


Blue, stop saying "a quick video" in every video. You have never made a quick video.

Автор — Gungriffen


I want Codemasters to give the OFP trademark back to Bohemia so that they can name Arma4 Operation Flashpoint 2, the REAL sequel.

Автор — Psygnostic


As a Chinese, this game was really weird to play, mainly for its voice acting. I'm a-okay for gunning down Chinese soldiers in a war sim game, but the voice acting for Chinese soldiers was in an uncanny zone, that they have pretty good pronunciations and authentic accent, but the scripts they use were horribly translated.

Автор — 9SS94Cr


Meanwhile in Arma the AI needs to be spoon-fed like a mentally challenged 3 year old :|

Автор — Dv8_NO


That looks soo good like it couldve been taken from a trailer.

Автор — Kerberos


I'd like to see you do more of these types of videos. Sort of "exploring" games that were disappointing and show what they did wrong.

Автор — imacookie12


I am so fucking glad I find a video about Dragonrising. I was so pissed and sad that this marteful game was dead so quickly. It had the potential. I remember buying it on my PS3 and instantly forgot CoD becaude this game was my style. Realistic. Thanks to this game I found ARMA too and bought a PC for it. But this game was awesome and pushed the last gen's capabilities with the huge map. The game also didn't do well because of the CoD players who think everu FPS needs to be either like CoD or Halo. Which made this game have poor multiplayer man.

Now that you talk about how Codemasters just has all the potential getting dust. We need some hackers who can break any restriction and just get the engine for themselves. They ain't gonna use them lol

Or if you want to be law abading, then since you are starting on game developing, then at least try to negotiate man! Buying the engine, the codes and the brand is costly but, probably veey wirth ot!!

Автор — Mad Max Rockatansky


I have nightmares knowing that Codemasters killed the Operation Flashpoint franchise, I absolutely loved them. Arma? They are good, but something is missing and Bohemia can't realize I agree with everything you said, brother! Even the old ones are pure gold and very challenging.

Автор — Blademir Lima


the problem i had with dragon rising

the just made me sick..the gun should not be that close to your face....

plus, i already spent the "learning curve" time for arma2s you learn arma 2, its not a bad system
i felt it wanst as realistic as arma also....

sure, the AI pathing and nodes are MUCH better....but when arma 2 AI works, its amazing....and my friends mostly PVPed

if dragon rising had would have been played a LOT more...

but, its just looked at as a console simplification of arma 2

Автор — kain hall


omg finaly someone who know and like this game i played flashpoint multiplayer until it dies

Автор — moha glade


I hate how awkward Arma can be. In CQC you can really feel how bad the controls are

Автор — The Professor


The game was limited by the console centric design choices. Like the original Operation Flashpoint games and the Arma series has shown, a game like Dragon Rising relies heavily on user generated content in order for it to have any lasting appeal and any chance at a successful sequel. This was ruined by the multi platform pipeline development that Codemasters continue to use while developing their games and the tiny amount of RAM and processing power of the 360 and PS3 meant that the PC version which was the only version of the game that had any chance of ever becoming anything was limited by the same restrictive factors.

I speak from experience of being a content developer for both the OFP:DR and Arma games in the past.

Автор — insum snoy


only game that's good on console... wish they would do shit for consoles now :'(

Автор — Hunter lennel


This was the closest thing I had to Arma on PS3, so yea this was amazing for me.



This game was so realistic and tough to play. I wish it didn't die, I barely got to play any multiplayer.

Автор — Joshua Howland